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One Piece 1068: The Reason Why Rayleigh Is Called The Dark Lord

One of the strongest characters up to One Piece 1068, Silvers Rayleigh, still has a myriad of mysteries.

One of the mysteries of One Piece 1068 is about the reason why Rayleigh is called the Dark Lord.

At first the fans thought that Rayleigh did have the power of darkness. But the facts are different.
What is the reason Rayleigh is often referred to as the Dark Lord

When Gol D Roger first met Rayleigh, he briefly talked about his past.

Rayleigh later admitted that his house had burned down and he was forced to steal a ship and stay on it.

Both of them without further ado immediately asked about each other's names.

Rayleigh introduced himself by simply answering his name and then Roger said that their meeting was fate.

Roger also asked Rayleigh if he wanted to conquer the world together.

Although initially indifferent and thought it was a stupid idea, for some reason Rayleigh believed in Roger's dream.

At that time the World Government seemed displeased with Rayleigh's refusal to join them.
So in the end they decided to burn down his residence and destroy it.

Meanwhile another reason Rayleigh wanted to follow Roger was because at that time he was being hunted by the World Government and sooner or later he would die.

So instead of doing nothing before his death, it's better to join Roger.

Rayleigh is thought to be descended from royalty on an island or country that is disobedient to the World Government.
This is evidenced by his ability to master all three types of Haki.

As is well known one can get Haoshoku Haki if he is a descendant of the ruler or leader.

Therefore, many argue that Rayleigh's father is a famous figure or king who controls a region.

He as heir to the throne does not like to be under the rule of the World Government.

Or it could be that Rayleigh at that time did something to anger the World Government troops.

This is evidenced by Rayleigh's calm demeanor who did not feel sad at all after his house burned down.
Actually Rayleigh's incident is very similar to Sabo.

Sabo escapes as heir to the throne because he refuses to work under the World Government because he wants freedom.

Sabo's choice had to be paid dearly with the destruction of the Gray Terminal.

The difference with Rayleigh, he certainly looks more mature to face the tragedy than Sabo.

So from all the facts above, what is Rayleigh's relationship with the title King of Darkness?
There are two possible answers to this question.

The first is that Rayleigh is indeed the true Dark Lord.

So far, there aren't many nicknames for kings in the world of One Piece like the Pirate King held by Roger, the King of the Underworld, which is pinned to some peopl

Then the last one was the Dark Lord who was held by Rayleigh.

If that's true then the nickname of the Dark Lord was indeed he got from an achievement like Roger and the others.

Most likely he got the nickname because Rayleigh moved like an intel, always attacking his opponent in the dark.

Then the next possibility is Rayleigh getting the nickname because he is a king or future king in a region.

But because he was already famous as a pirate, then Rayleigh's peerage didn't mean anything.

The World Government then considers him to have been trapped into a pirate world which is described as a dark and cruel world.
In the end Rayleigh was given the nickname as the Dark Lord.

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