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One Piece 1066 Spoiler Reddit: How Ancient Robot Revive Revealed

One Piece 1066 Spoiler Reddit: How Ancient Robot Revive Revealed

The ancient robot that Luffy found in Vegapunk's lab may be from the lost century. 

The ancient robot may save the history of what happened in the world of One Piece. Chapter 1065 of the One Piece manga series presents many interesting and surprising facts. 

One of them is the fact that all the sophistication that exists on Egghead Island is not actually from the future.

Precisely all these advanced technologies are a picture of what emerged in the last century, precisely 900 years ago. 

In addition, what is also surprising is how Luffy and his group found a "treasure" in the form of an ancient rusty robot. 

And there is an interesting speculation related to the ancient robot in the One Piece series.

Robots from the Past

One Piece 1066 Spoiler Reddit: How Ancient Robot Revive Revealed

The discovery of a giant ancient robot carcass in chapter 1065 of the One Piece series yesterday surprised Luffy and the others. 

They did not expect to meet a real robot made of steel. 

On the other hand, they themselves seem surprised by the ancient robot. 

The reason is, as Jinbe said, although the technology is very advanced, the appearance is very ancient.

Based on this, it is possible that the robot is from the past. 

The robot may have come from 900 years ago, and may be one of the relics of the Ancient Kingdom. 

It is still not known what exactly the function of the robot is. 

However, judging from its condition, maybe the robot was their mainstay weapon at that time.

However, unfortunately, the attacks of the 20 united kingdoms against the Ancient Kingdom were too strong. 

This makes the robot finally destroyed and becomes a carcass as we saw in chapter 1065. 

However, it is also possible that this is one of the weapons that may have been used by the 20 allied kingdoms to face the Ancient Kingdom.

The damage done to the ancient robot is proof of the enormity of the battles of the last century in the world of One Piece. 

The kingdoms might create a weapon that can match the awesomeness of technology from the Ancient Kingdom, which is what later became the forerunner of the formation of the robot.

Robots Will Be Revive?

One Piece 1066 Spoiler Reddit: How Ancient Robot Revive Revealed

Some of you may wonder if the ancient robot will revive in the One Piece story. 

If you look at the pattern of what Oda Sensei often presents in the story, it is not something that is impossible. 

Oda often brings something interesting in the story, and usually something that will have a role in the story in the future.

With Oda showing an ancient robot in chapter 1065, it is likely that the ancient robot will have an important role in the story of One Piece in the future. 

That is, this ancient robot is likely to return to life. 

Who will revive him? 

None other than the intelligent scientist Vegapunk. 

He knows all the ins and outs of technology on Egghead Island and the world, so it makes sense that he would then revive the robot.

On the other hand, there was also a special reason why it was Vegapunk who was likely to revive him. 

The specific reason was to defend against the World Government's attacks. 

As we know, Vegapunk is their target to kill. 

What later became the reason we still do not know.

She might revive the robot to protect her life. 

Besides Vegapunk, another character who might be able to revive the robot is Franky. 

Although not as genius as Vegapunk, Franky is a smart character. 

Evidently he is able to turn his own body into a cyborg. 

Franky will probably learn a lot from Vegapunk.

And various things that Franky had learned later he would apply to bring the ancient robot back to life. 

This is certainly not the first time Franky has done this. 

He certainly already understands about robots, which means it's not impossible if Franky becomes another person who can revive his robot.

Become a Tool to Destroy World Government

One Piece 1066 Spoiler Reddit: How Ancient Robot Revive Revealed

After this ancient robot awakens, what will happen next? 

For now, indeed we still will not find the answer. 

Because, the Egghead arc itself had just begun. 

However, this does not close the various speculations. 

It could be that Luffy will use the ancient robot to destroy the World Government. 

This seems to restore the initial function of the robot.

As mentioned above, it is possible that this robot was first used to deal with the forces of the alliance of 20 kingdoms that attacked the Ancient Kingdom. 

Unfortunately, their power was too strong and the robot lost. However, this time, the robot might be able to destroy the World Government. 

Moreover, after Vegapunk or Franky gave additional strength to the robot after being revived.

This ancient robot will help bring about a new milestone in the world of One Piece, by destroying the World Government. 

They may also be surprised and do not expect that the ancient robot will revive, because in their memory the ancient robot has lost and is no longer functioning. 

It will be interesting to see what Franky and Vegapunk will do to the ancient robot to bring it back to life.

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