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One Piece: Oda's Secret Revealed, Joy Boy Turns Out To Be From A Giant Race

One of Oda's secrets that was just revealed in One Piece 1065 is about Joy Boy.

The facts that exist until chapter 1065 seem to show that Joy Boy comes from the Giant Race.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1065 regarding the secret that Oda is hiding about Joy Boy.

In One Piece 1065, Vegapunk said that Egghead Island is not an island of the future but an island of the past.

He explained that there were kingdoms in the past that had technology similar to or even more advanced than Egghead Island.

Of course the words from Vegapunk referred to the Ancient Kingdom that Professor Clover had mentioned.

The kingdom was once the largest and most powerful kingdom, but all of its history has been erased and even its name is always kept secret.

The Ancient Kingdom is the enemy of the 20 kingdoms that are now merging into the World Government.

As Professor Clover said, the Ancient Kingdom was destroyed more than 800 years ago at the end of the Void Century.

Then after successfully defeating the Ancient Kingdom, they formed an alliance to rule the world which is now called the World Government.

Besides that the Ancient Kingdom is the real reason why the World Government forbids anyone from researching Poneglyphs.

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Because the existence and idea of ​​that kingdom presents a serious threat to the World Government.

So what were they really afraid of from the Ancient Kingdom? The answer has been proven in One Piece 1065.

Vegapunk said that the Ancient Kingdom in the past 900 years had really amazingly advanced and very powerful technology.

Therefore the World Government was afraid of it until they finally formed an alliance with the aim of destroying the kingdom.

One example of the technology owned by the Ancient Kingdom is called Ancient Weapon or Ancient Weapons.

The Poneglyphs had so far revealed information about the three Ancient Weapons and the Ancient Kingdom was directly involved in the creation of this extremely powerful weapon.

This again shows that as humans, they may have advanced significantly in technology.

But the intended purpose of these weapons as well as why this kingdom was built is still unknown.

Discussing about the Ancient Kingdom certainly reminds One Piece fans with the name Joy Boy.

Joy Boy, whom Oda has been keeping a secret for all this time, is strongly suspected of being the king of the Ancient Kingdom.

Joy Boy built everything from scratch and became the leader of the kingdom.

Interestingly, in the last panel of One Piece 1065, Luffy and his friends found a giant ancient robot lying down.

The robot is so big like a giant with horns on its head.

Could the former Ancient Kingdom be filled by the Giant Race like the foreshadow at the end of chapter 1065?

Moreover, as fans know, Joy Boy is always associated with the Giant Race due to the giant Straw Hats in Mariejoa.

The giant Straw Hat is probably Joy Boy's hat as his first crown.

So it makes sense why Eiichiro Oda until chapter 1065 still hides three races.

One of the three races is the Giant Race, the race of Joy Boy.
This will explain why the Elbaf Arc will be the last arc saved by Oda.

Oda will reveal everything about the Void Century in the Elbaf Arc.

Plus the World Government is always trying to create an army of the Giant Race through gigantification.

They must have known the greatness of the Giant Race owned by the Ancient Kingdom so they tried to make a clone of it.

It is not impossible that this Giant Race is divided into several types. One example is the Oni Giant Race and the Robot Giant Race.

That makes a lot of sense considering that Kaido's race history is still hidden by Oda until One Piece 1065 seconds.

Even though the Onigashima Arc has become the right moment for Oda to reveal the history of the race.

But again Oda tried to cover up the Giant Race or the Oni Race to the fans.

It is very relevant, of course, why Kaido is so obsessed with Joy Boy, because they are from the same race, the Giant Race.

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