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One Piece 1066 Spoiler: Oda Finally Reveals Seraphim's Only Weakness

Until chapter 1066, various kinds of mysteries about the Seraphim have not been revealed by Eiichiro Oda.

However, various facts that existed until One Piece 1066 finally showed that Seraphim actually had a weakness.

The weakness of the Seraphim was revealed by Oda in the manga in the previous chapter.

As the latest generation of Pacifista, it is only natural that the Seraphim's strength is far more powerful than the previous types.

Seraphim itself was first appeared in chapter 1059 where at that time the Navy deliberately brought the latest type of Pacifista to catch Boa Hancock on Amazon Lily Island.

The appearance of the Seraphim seemed to surprise not only Hancock, but also Blackbeard who had just arrived on the island.

So far, not much information has emerged regarding the Seraphim, because this latest SSG model has only appeared in two chapters.

Even so, there are already a number of Seraphim powers that Oda has shown in the story.

As is well known, the unique advantage of Pacifista is that they can shoot lasers from the mouth as seen from the very beginning.

Seraphim also have the ability to fire the laser, but there are a number of differences.

The destructive power of the Seraphim laser is far more destructive than the previous Pacifista. They also no longer shoot lasers from the mouth but from the hand.

It was shown in chapter 1059 where Seraphim Boa Hancock and Jinbei released lasers from their hands.

As mentioned earlier, the Seraphim is the latest model of the Pacifista, which means the Seraphim also move and behave like a robot.

Despite their human-like appearance, in reality they are rigid and only move on command.

However, in the later battles, they proved to be very agile. The Seraphim's movements are much more agile than the previous Pacifista.

A real example is when one of the Seraphim who looks like Mihawk tries to attack Blackbeard.

His attacks are really unusual where he attacks from close range. This was a rare thing before where the previous Pacifistas were much stiffer.

Then the latest example is how Seraphim Jinbei attacked Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats.

Although it is true that until chapter 1066 the battle of the Seraphim has not been shown much.

However, there are some clues about the endurance of the Seraphim that are beyond human comprehension.

An example is that they are resistant to Blackbeard and Boa Hancock's devil fruit attacks.

It was proven in chapter 1059 where Seraphim Mihawk and Hancock were not affected by the power of the two devil fruits.

Then in yesterday's chapter, it was shown how Seraphim Jinbei was able to easily withstand Sanji's attacks.

Seraphim Jinbei was not injured in the slightest after receiving Sanji's fire leg attack.

But interestingly, when Franky used a laser beam attack, Vegapunk Shaka panicked and immediately stopped him.

Vegapunk Shaka explains that the Seraphim have not yet been tested for laser-type attacks.

This is proof that the Seraphim are not perfect and have a number of weaknesses.

Even so, the appearance of the Seraphim did manage to surprise One Piece fans.

Because when first introduced by Oda, the shape of the face and body of this Seraphim is much different from the previous Pacifista.

Apart from the Lunaria Race DNA implanted into them, their own faces are very similar to the former Shichibukai when they were children.

Interestingly, apart from imitating the faces of the former Shichibukai, Seraphim also managed to imitate their fighting abilities.

Like when Seraphim Mihawk demonstrated his swordsmanship, he was able to split a large mountain in the middle of Amazon Lily with ease.

Suddenly the Seraphim's swordsmanship immediately took Hancock and the others by surprise.

Then in yesterday's chapter, it was seen how Seraphim Jinbei was able to use the karate abilities of Fish-Man Island which was the mainstay of the original Jinbei.

Plus Seraphim Jinbei also uses the power of Senor Pink's devil fruit which allows him to swim on the ground and walls.

All of this is proof that the Seraphim are the perfect and supreme form of the Pacifista.

Unfortunately, until now there is still no explanation of how Vegapunk does this.

But all of this must have something to do with the lineage factor and DNA taken from the former Shichibukai, the Lunaria Race, and others.

Then with the latest fact that the Seraphim are still small children and can grow stronger naturally like humans.
However, they are still dangerous when they grow up, because when they were children these seraphim had quite great strength. This is a threat in the future.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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