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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 272 Spoilers: Sano Family Experiences Calamity for the Second Time!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 272 Spoilers: Sano Family Experiences Calamity for the Second Time!

Tokyo Revengers chapter 272 spoilers have been leaked on several social media.

In the previous chapter, Shinichiro met the first time jumper, whom he ended up having to kill to gain access to time travel.

The black-haired youth sparks his new talent and wakes up in an alternate reality after despairing and jumping off a bridge.

These events will be depicted in Tokyo Revengers chapter 272, which will take place in an alternate timeline.

If you want to find out more, keep reading.

In chapter 272 of Tokyo Revengers, Senju and Emma will appear again. 

Today, leaker with account name @s4kxm published early chapter 272 spoiler and raw image.

He claims that this section, which will detail Shinichiro's life in another timeline, will be titled "Over Again".

Since Mikey's accident never happened in this alternate reality, Shinichiro is free to forget the traumatic events of the past.

According to the preview that appeared, the chapter will begin at Sano's house, right after Shinichiro returns from his time travel.

From then on, we'll see Mikey experimenting with time travel in much the same way he did in the series' official timeline.

Shinichiro would start sobbing when he saw his brother was healthy, which would confuse his family. Chapter 272 will feature guest appearances from Emma and her grandfather.

Since Manjiro's accident never happened, Emma never ran away, and Shinichiro's grandfather still has a long life ahead of him.

Spoilers have shown that the boy's dark impulses will be revived thanks to Mikey's plane in this new world, which is a sad reminder that tragedy is still a part of him.

The two raw scans, in particular, led fans to believe that the plane event that triggered Mikey's attack on Haruchiyo would happen within this timeframe.

Senju may be seen in the first picture huddled behind a door, just like he did after his brother was hurt by Manjiro. 

Mikey is seen holding a replica of his Concord, which has a dented edge in another photo.

This is consistent with the canon timeline when Senju accidentally drops a toy and damages it.

Mikey appears to be in complete control of the motorcycle in the two photos that show him riding it with Shinichiro.

Shinichiro's eyes seem to have regained the brightness they had before Manjiro's death in these photos.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 272 Spoilers: Sano Family Experiences Calamity for the Second Time!

The spoiler for Tokyo Revengers 272 paints a positive and entertaining chapter picture. 

In this alternate history, Shinichiro can experience the happiness of a restored nuclear family.

After his encounter with the time jumper in his original timeline, it was clear that the youngster needed this.

Unfortunately, it looks like Mikey's more sinister tendencies will be active in future chapters, so it won't all be light fun.

Given that Mikey had been killed in almost every timeline when this impulse first appeared, this may be a sign that Shinichiro's time travel is not over yet.

It is conceivable that Shinichiro will not be the last person to return to the past.

As the title of this chapter suggests, calamity may once again befall the Sano family. 

Also, in this version of the show, Shinichiro has bright and lively eyes.

This directly violated definite history, when his eyes were black and hollow. 

The little brother of the black haired boy would probably die in more timelines before the end of his life.

On Tuesday, October 4th, Tokyo Revengers will have a new chapter available. 

The future direction of Ken Wakui's manga can only be guessed beyond that point.

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