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One Piece 1062 Reddit Spoilers: Vegapunk Activate Gear 6 Luffy!

One Piece 1062 Reddit Spoilers: Vegapunk Activate Gear 6 Luffy!

Chapter 1061 of yesterday's One Piece manga series finally presents a figure that fans have been waiting for for a long time. 

That figure is Dr. Vegapunk. 

However, the appearance of the Vegapunk figure was beyond their expectations because what appeared was a female figure. 

The fans finally discussed whether it was the original Vegapunk figure.

For now, it is still a big mystery until then Oda gives an explanation about it. 

Apart from that, fans also seem to have guessed what Vegapunk's role will be in the future. 

The most widely predicted by fans is how Vegapunk will reveal the secret of the devil fruit.

However, there is also speculation or interesting theory about this Vegapunk figure. 

One of his speculations explains that Vegapunk might help Luffy to increase his strength. 

In this case, she will help Luffy to be able to activate or use Gear 6 which will be his strongest Gear in the One Piece series. 

Is that right? 

Can Vegapunk do it?

About Gear 5 Luffy

One Piece 1062 Reddit Spoilers: Vegapunk Activate Gear 6 Luffy!

After much speculation by One Piece fans, finally Eiichiro Oda confirmed Luffy's latest power increase, Gear 5. 

And it was only in chapter 1044 that Oda Sensei made it happen.

It is known that the latest ability - which is awakening - from Luffy's body is called by Luffy himself as his greatest and strongest power at this time. 

In addition, Luffy also mentions that his strongest power is Gear 5. 

In Gear 5, Luffy has just been shown to be able to jump very high. Even so, Luffy's body is still elastic like rubber.

When Luffy accesses this power, his entire outfit as well as his body then turns white. 

And his eyes turned red. 

What is extraordinary is also as explained by Gorosei, that with the ability of Gear 5 or the awakening of Luffy's devil fruit, Luffy's body will be able to have its own "freedom" and also much greater "power".

In fact, the Gorosei himself said clearly that the awakening of his devil fruit would be a terrifying force in this world. 

What is also unique about this power is that everything will turn into a cartoon, where Luffy's expression turns funny. 

In fact, there are some moments that present epic moments where it seems as if all the characters become like cartoons. 

Oda still doesn't seem to be giving much more as it's still in its early stages.

Vegapunk Help Luffy Reach Gear 6?

One Piece 1062 Reddit Spoilers: Vegapunk Activate Gear 6 Luffy!

According to some fans, after Luffy finally managed to access his Gear 5 form, he still had one final transformation. 

This latest version is a much better and more powerful version than before. 

In this last form, Luffy will really maximize the elasticity power of his devil fruit where Luffy is even able to stretch space and time.

Luffy's theory is similar to Chopper's Rumbe Ball mode, where Gear 5 is Luffy's incomplete power. 

However, what distinguishes Luffy's transformation from the others is how he relies not only on the power of the devil fruit, but also Haki. 

We can see this in the ultimate fight against Kaido.

The power of Luffy's Haki was completely drained at that time. 

However, after using Gear 5, he was finally able to return to using Haki-based attacks. 

In fact, he also used the full power of Advanced Conqueror Haki-based attacks. 

According to his theory, this can happen because of Luffy's devil fruit power which is able to stretch anything, including Haki.

This increase in power will help Luffy to face the fight against Blackbeard, who has the power of Yami Yami. 

Oda himself had stated that he wanted to emphasize the main character as a very funny figure, even though he was in the middle of a fierce battle. 

Then, how can Luffy awaken another transformation?

Vegapunk is the answer. 

She is the most intelligent scientist in the world and also an important character in this arc. 

With his genius, Vegapunk certainly knows about devil fruit and also human DNA. 

She has learned a lot about humans and genetic engineering, which of course can help Lufy to access Gear 6.


One Piece 1062 Reddit Spoilers: Vegapunk Activate Gear 6 Luffy!

So, the conclusion is based on the theory that among fans the resources that Vegapunk has on Egg Head Island will be able to help Luffy increase control of his Gear 5. 

Vegapunk will help Luffy to perfect his control over this power. 

In fact, the theory also explains that Vegapunk might help Luffy access Gear 6.

Gear 6 is probably the highest, strongest, and most incredible power Luffy has from his devil fruit. 

By making Luffy very strong and powerful, he will be able to fight against Blackbeard or even the World Government. 

Let's just wait, Geeks, whether Vegapunk will be able to help Luffy activate his Gear 6.

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