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My Hero Academia: 9 Characters Using Quirk One for All

In the My Hero Academia story, there are not many Quirk One for All users. So far, only 8 characters have become Quirk users. As time goes on, this Quirk user gets stronger. 

One for All is one of the strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia. This Quirk was accidentally created by All for One. 

The Quirk materialized when he gave a Quirk to accumulate energy to his younger brother who didn't have a Quirk. Surprisingly, All for One's younger brother turns out to have a Quirk that allows that power to be passed on from one generation to another. 

That power is even stronger with the user getting the previous user's Quirk. Who are the Quirk One for All user characters in My Hero Academia?

Check out his review below:

1. Yoichi Shigaraki

Yoichi is One for All's first user and possibly the weakest. 

He is known to be sickly. Her sister, All for One, often pitied her. After his brother bequeathed his energy-gathering Quirk, Yoichi eventually created One for All. How well he wields that power is unknown. 

However, if One for All becomes stronger once it is inherited, it is a fact. That, combined with the fact that Yoichi doesn't have the strongest body, makes him the weakest One for All user.

2. Second and Third Users

So far, One for All has a total of 9 users. However, not all of them are named. While fans know the names of 7 users, the second and third users are still a mystery. Hence, 

very little is known about their strength and their strength cannot be measured precisely either. 

Even so, since they were One for All users, it seemed like they had a great power that could outperform most people at 100% of their strength. 

Moreover, the users of these three powers also have the Fa Jin Quirk which allows them to store kinetic energy and release it at the right time. 

This provides a significant increase in speed and power. 

There was a possibility that the third user was stronger than the second. However, they all failed to defeat All for One and passed on their Quirk to someone else.

3. Hikage Shinomori

The fourth user of the Quirk, Hikage Shinomori, may not be the strongest user of One for All. But, it was clear that he was the most important person. Hikage has a Quirk called Danger Sense which allows him to react to dangerous situations. 

Basically, his Quirk allows himself and future users to react to an incoming threat by sensing it before any damage is done. Although useful, that power is not enough to paralyze All for One. 

Consequently, the Hikage spent his life trying to understand the Quirk's power.

4. Daigoro Banjo

The fifth user of One for All is Daigoro Banjo. He received this power from Hikage Shinomori. Unlike Hikage, he managed to use his full power and fought All for One several times. 

He barely survived death. In fact, his Quirk was nearly stolen several times. 

Regardless, Daigoro Banjo is quite powerful and respected. That is, his fighting prowess is greater than Hikage's. His Quirk, Blackwhip or Black Whip, is quite useful because it allows him to produce whip-like energy that is powered by anger.

5. En

Following Diagoro Banjo, En becomes the next One for All user. Back then, he was in the right place at the right time to acquire that power. 

Previously, En already had the power to use the Smoke Screen Quirk which allowed him to create a cloud of smoke to cover his location. 

This makes the Quirk great enough for hero operations and combat. En once tried to fight All for One. 

On two occasions, his power was almost stolen. Until now, En's true strength was unknown.

6. Nana Shimura

Nana is the seventh user of One for All. She is quite a strong woman having received the Quirk from En before she died. 

Nana herself already has the power of the Floating Quirk that allows her to float in the air. 

Combined with the power of One for All, he is a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Nana is not strong enough to beat All for One. 

He eventually died in the fight against All for One.

7. Yagi Toshinori aka All Might

Yagi Toshinori is better known as All Might. He used to be the Symbol of Peace in the universe of this series.

He obtained the Quirk One for All from Nana Shimura and also inherited his will to save those in need. 

Yagi mastered the power of One for All to a level that no other user had reached until now. At 100% of his strength, he could fight and surpass All for One. 

At his prime, Yagi is strong enough to beat All for One. What's more, as a last resort, Yagi can tap into powers greater than 100% One for All by transcending all good boundaries.

8. Izuku Midoriya aka Deku

Izuku is the ninth and final user of One for All. He was also the strongest among the other users. 

Right now, Izuku had not yet touched her best state. But, this series is the story of how he became the Number One Hero. Meaning, he would get that position and surpass All Might.
Izuku still hasn't fully mastered the power of One for All. But, when able to bring out 100% of his strength, he will be as strong as All Might.

 In addition, One for All becomes stronger with each generation of wearer. 

This makes One for All Izuku stronger than All Might. On top of that, Izuku also has another Quirk that All Might doesn't. At his best, Izuku is stronger than All Might.

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