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One Piece: Yonkou Luffy Gets New Territory, Bonney Meets Vegapunk

CP0 has been ordered to kill Vegapunk who is currently on EggHead island where Luffy and the Mugiwara crew are, this has been revealed in the previous chapter.

In addition to the original Vegapunk body, the CP0 also have the ambition to eliminate all clones of Dr. Vegapunk.

But it's certainly not easy to beat Vegapunk, this can be seen from the World Government's decision to lower CP0 and not the Navy.

Where there are several theories that arise if CP0 fails to handle the mission to kill Vegapunk.

The following are three failures that will occur if CP0 fails to carry out its mission to kill Vegapunk, reported by Teras Gorontalo from the IMSA DLS YouTube channel.

EggHead Island Becomes Yonkou Luffy Territory

As a Yonkou Luffy has the power to protect an island and will become part of his territory.
That way it can be interpreted that Vegapunk is no longer a responsibility and is no longer protected by the World Government.

Therefore Luffy who is currently on EggHead island will try to protect Vegapunk from CP0 attacks.

Because of this, EggHead Island can become part of the Yonkou Luffy's territory because it is under the protection of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Bonney Alliance and the Straw Hats

Jewelry Bonney meets Vegapunk to avenge him because the scientist has turned his father into a robot.

However, if Vegapunk's reason for turning Kuma into a robot is due to a request from the World Government, then Bonney might make peace with Vegapunk and be angry with the Gorosei as representatives of the World Government.

Because of this, Bonney and Luffy will form a Pirate alliance as Luffy did with Law.

The alliance between Bonney and the Straw Hat Pirates is to target the Gorosei to avenge him.

Those are some possibilities that will happen if CP0 fails to kill Vegapunk on EggHead island.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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