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One Punch Man 174 Spoiler: Saitama's New Home

One Punch Man 174 Spoiler: Saitama's New Home

Saitama will finally move to a new house.

He will live in an apartment which is actually a luxury bunker.

Saitama was accompanied by a monster to that place.

The apartment turned out to be marketed for the rich.

Apart from the rich, there were heroes of class A and above who lived in the place for free.

Some of them were Class A Rabk 25 ​​- Crescent Eyebroll and Class A Rank 24 - Green.

They just found out that there is a condition to live in the apartment for free, which is to protect the rich people in that place.

Besides them there is also a robot designed by Metal Knight, one of the heroes of Class S.

But unfortunately when Saitama went there, the robot detected a threat.

One Punch Man 174 Spoiler: Saitama's New Home

Maybe because Saitama brought monsters disguised as dogs and monkeys.

Finally Saitmana destroyed all the guard robots.

Saitama who was caught by the apartment security said that the robot exploded by itself.

Saitama's claim was also strengthened by King.

Everyone was surprised when King was there.

Saitama also finally returned the game console to King in a damaged condition.

Some people who saw Saitama were surprised to be able to chat with King who was considered strong because he was included in the list of Heroes of Class S.

Saitama himself is currently still in Class A Rank 39 with the nickname Caped Baldy.

One Punch Man 174 Spoiler: Saitama's New Home
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