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One Piece 1065: Dr Vegapunk Asks Luffy to Help Recover His Weapon which was taken by Im Sama

Here are the spoilers and theories for the One Piece 1065 manga regarding Vegapunk which is predicted to ask Luffy for help to defeat Im Sama.

Vegapunk will ask Luffy to help him deactivate the Ancient Weapon that has been seized by Im Sama.

Previously, Eiichiro Oda had revealed that Vegapunk's main laboratory was above the clouds.

Vegapunk reclaims the sky by creating island clouds and artificial sea clouds by utilizing the pyrobloin substance contained in sea rock.

In addition, Vegapunk also shows how Vega Force One works, which is his giant robot that also has the ability to fly.

Apparently, the ability of Vegapunk's giant robot is due to the antigraph technology that has been connected to the system on Egghead Island. 

This causes the robot to be unable to operate if it passes through Egghead Island.

So what exactly is Vegapunk's relationship to Ancient Weapons? You certainly still remember the mysterious phenomenon that destroyed Lulusia Kingdom yesterday.

One of the requirements for the antigraph technology in Vega Force One to be used is if it is connected to the system on Egghead Island.

What if Vegapunk who can create his own cloud island then implements the system on his artificial sky island?

Then because the sky island was hovering in the air, it wasn't impossible that it could be flown anywhere because Weatheria could too.

So besides being able to modify the weather in the sky, the island that Vegapunk created will also be able to move around.

So that way Vega Force One will also be able to be operated anywhere.

But his cloud island most likely can't be used to create lightning because the particle maker is different from ordinary clouds.

That way if he wanted to create a weapon of mass destruction that could drop a hail of gunfire from the sky like what happened in the Lulusia Kingdom.

Vegapunk needed to carry a very hefty weapon on his cloud island and this was most likely the Ancient Weapon that Im Sama captured.

Furthermore, fans have not been shown the combat technology of Vegapunk's giant robot until now.

But it is very natural that Vega Force One has the ability to fire weapons from his body considering that other Vegapunk robots can do the same thing.

Now let's review the terrible tragedy that devastated the Lulusia Kingdom.

If you look closely, the Lulusia Kingdom wasn't completely destroyed by being showered with lightning from the sky.

What shattered the kingdom It looked more like a rain of laser shots than a shower of thunderbolts like Enel's technique.

Then the laser shot looks very similar to the Pacifista laser shot.

A single laser shot from a Pacifista could wipe out a building.

Imagine if the size of the Pacifista was enlarged to the size of Vega Force One, it is very natural that an island would disappear instantly.

Moreover, the position of the Ancient Weapon can be flown into the sky to be fired at the land below.

The laser technology of course can also be applied to a special weapon that was created to eliminate whatever is in front of it.

Then to be able to lift the giant weapon into the sky, antigraph technology is applied that is connected to the system embedded in the sky island created by Vegapunk earlier.

A weapon of mass destruction was created that could destroy a country with a single strike from the sky, as was used by Im Sama to wipe out the existence of the Lulusia Kingdom.

Previously in chapter 1062, Lucy suspected that the reason Vegapunk had to be killed was related to the destruction that befell the Lulusia Kingdom.

So most likely, after creating that Ancient Weapon and handing it over to the World Government, Vegapunk felt regret.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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