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One Piece: What is a Road Poneglyph?

One Piece: What is a Road Poneglyph?

In the story in the One Piece series, the Straw Hats are currently only a few steps away from their main goal. 

For more than two decades, fans have seen how Luffy and the rest of the crew adventure against various enemies as well as other obstacles and obstacles. 

They are also adventurous to various interesting and unique places.

As time went on, Luffy slowly managed to get closer and closer to the last island, Laugh Tale. 

It is an island that is home to the greatest treasure, One Piece. 

Roger and his crew became the last pirate group to have gone there in the last 800 years. 

However, to go to Laugh Tale is not easy. 

The pirates needed the Road Poneglyph.

Why All Pirates Aim for Road Poneglyphs?

One Piece: What is a Road Poneglyph?

The Road Poneglyph is a giant red artifact made of an indestructible material, namely sea stone. 

As with other Poneglyphs, there is a mysterious inscription carved on it. 

However, what distinguishes it from other Poneglyphs is the content in the Road Poneglyph. 

This artifact does not contain any history or explanation.

Road Poneglyph is a very important Poneglyph, because it contains instructions that will give direction to anyone who wants to go to the last island in the Grand Line, namely Laugh Tale. 

There are four Road Poneglyphs in total. 

When a pirate managed to find all the Road Poneglyphs, then they would be able to go to Laugh Tale.

This is the reason why the Road Poneglyph became a very important element for pirates. 

The reason is, even if someone has a special pose log or compass that is able to give directions where a person should go, without any directions from the Road Poneglyph they will have difficulty finding the island. 

Roger had experienced this decades ago.

In Kozuki Oden's flashback storyline, Roger admits that he is having a hard time figuring out the whereabouts of the last island. 

Why? Because, he could not translate what the contents of the Road Poneglyph he found. 

This was then the reason why Roger wanted Kozuki Oden to join his group, because only he – at the time – was able to read the Road Poneglyph.

As a result, Roger made it to Laugh Tale and became the pirate king. 

This is also the reason why pirates are willing to do anything for a copy of the Road Poneglyph, including attacking other pirates. 

We can see this in chapter 1063 yesterday, where Blackbeard's group deliberately attacked the Hati Pirates in order to steal a copy of the Road Poneglyph. 

In fact, they are also willing to kidnap other people to translate their writings.

Where is the Last Road Poneglyph?

One Piece: What is a Road Poneglyph?

So far, Oda Sensei has only shown three of the four existing Road Poneglyphs. 

First, we can find him with the Minks on Zou. 

Second, another Road Poneglyph is in Big Mom's hands on Whole Cake Island. 

And the third one, which Luffy, Kid, and Law just managed to get, is from the Wano area. 

The Straw Hats alone managed to collect three copies of the Road Poneglyph.

There was only one copy of the Road Poneglyph left, before they made their way to Lodestar Island and only then did they arrive at Laugh Tale. 

Then, where is the fourth Road Poneglyph located? 

This is one of the big mysteries that fans are waiting for the answer to. 

Many speculations are circulating among fans, if the fourth Road Poneglyph is in a hidden and very safe area.

There are also those who speculate if the fourth Road Poneglyph is on the side of the World Government. 

However, Eiichiro Oda himself had given a hint where the fourth Road Poneglyph might be. 

We can see this in the booklet Road to Laugh Tale. 

In the booklet, Oda gives several names of islands that may be the location where the last Road Poneglyph is located.

Some of the names of the islands are the island of Vila / Vira, Elbaf, and also the island of Beehive. 

With Luffy and the Straw Hats currently starting a new post-Wano arc, it means that it's only a matter of time for them to find the whereabouts of the last Road Poneglyph.

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