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5 Anime Characters Who Pretend To Be Strong But Are Weak!

5 Anime Characters Who Pretend To Be Strong But Are Weak!

Every strong anime character has their own way how they behave with their power. 

On the one hand, there are characters who become haughty because of their strength. 

On the other hand, there are anime characters who remain humble despite their immense strength.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, there are characters who act like strong people, when in fact they are very weak. 

Want to know who the characters are?

1. King (One Punch Man)

5 Anime Characters Who Pretend To Be Strong But Are Weak!

King is a 7th rank S-class hero in the Hero Association. 

King is called the strongest person in the world who is strong enough to scare his enemies with his signature move, the King Engine. 

King Engine itself is a roar that indicates that King is serious. 

That said, the roar was strong enough to intimidate even the strongest of monsters.

However, revealed by Saitama, King is actually just an ordinary person who has no power. 

The King Engine was not a roar that indicated that King was getting serious, but only the sound of King's heart beating very fast with fear.

King earned his reputation because he was always saved by Saitama. 

This is the reason why Saitama is not famous even though he has defeated many powerful monsters. 

The reason is, King always gets praise from monsters who have been defeated by Saitama.

2. Buggy (One Piece)

5 Anime Characters Who Pretend To Be Strong But Are Weak!

One Piece fans must be familiar with this one clown. 

Buggy has a pretty big reputation in the pirate world. 

He is a former Pirate King crew, once escaped from Impel Down, a former Shichibukai, and is now one of the Yonko after allegedly making an alliance with Crocodile and Mihawk.

With that reputation, common people might think that Buggy was at least on the same level as Shanks. 

However, the fact is that Buggy is one of the weakest characters in the series. 

Buggy was defeated by Luffy at the beginning of the series, even before Luffy knew Haki.

Buggy also became a Yonko due to a misunderstanding. 

The Cross Guild was not founded by Buggy, but rather by Crocodile. 

However, Buggy's men made a poster with Buggy's position in the middle between Crocodile and Mihawk so the World Government thought that Buggy was the leader.

3. Arataka Reigen (Mob Psycho 100)

5 Anime Characters Who Pretend To Be Strong But Are Weak!

Arataka Reigen is the boss of Shigeo Kageyama's part-time job or Mob who owns the Spirit Consulting Office. 

Although weak, Reigen actually has psychic abilities. At least, Reigen could see ghosts or spirits. 

However, Reigen's strength is very weak when compared to Mob.

Even so, Reigen always acted like Mob was no match for him. 

When he was saved by Mob, Reigen always reasoned that he purposely didn't use his powers to test Mob's abilities. 

Although Reigen is not a bad person, it must be admitted that he is a con artist.

4. Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball)

5 Anime Characters Who Pretend To Be Strong But Are Weak!

Just like King, Mr. Satan also holds the title of being the strongest man in the world. 

Mr. Satan is known for having won several world martial arts tournaments and he once saved Earth by defeating Cell and Majin Buu.

It is true that Mr. Satan challenges Cell in front of a live TV broadcast. 

However, it wasn't him who defeated Cell and Majin Buu. 

Goku and his friends are real people who have saved Earth time and time again. 

However, because they did not like fame, they let Mr. Satan gets credit for this heroic act.

5. Majtani (Hunter x Hunter)

5 Anime Characters Who Pretend To Be Strong But Are Weak!

You may not remember this one character. 

Not surprising, because Majtani is not a memorable character and he only appears briefly in the series. 

In an exam in the Hunter Exam, Gon and his friends must face off against several heavyweight inmates to advance to the next exam.

One of the prisoners they have to face is Majtani. 

At first glance, Majtani does look terrible. 

With his intimidating appearance, Majtani can scare ordinary people with his appearance. 

Moreover, coupled with his tattoo which indicates that he is a member of the Phantom Troupe.

Even so, Majtani is not as terrible as imagined. 

He is not a member of the Phantom Troupe. 

The tattoo that he used turned out to be fake. 

His disfigured face is also not due to the fight, but due to failed plastic surgery. 

Majtani is also not very strong because he can be defeated by Kurapika quite easily.

Appearances and behavior can sometimes be deceiving. 

Although the five characters above look strong or have a great reputation, in fact they are just weak anime characters.

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