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One Piece: Vegapunk Turns Out A Devil Fruit User, Eiichiro Oda Gives Hints Of Someone Who Will Be Vegapunk's Successor

The appearance of Vegapunk is something that many One Piece fans have been waiting for. Because so far there have been so many mysteries of Vegapunk that have not been revealed.

Although fans were surprised by the appearance of a female figure claiming to be Vegapunk in the previous chapter, the fact was later revealed that it was a satellite or a clone.

Until now, we still don't know what Vegapunk looks like.

Being the most intelligent scientist in the world like Vegapunk certainly makes many fans curious about his figure.

On the other hand, this has also led to various speculations and interesting theories among fans.

One interesting theory is how likely it is if Vegapunk is a user of devil fruit powers.

However, in this respect, Vegapunk is different from other devil fruit users
As mentioned, devil fruit eaters will have unique abilities according to the fruit they eat.

If the majority of devil fruit eaters get tremendous power to fight, it's different with Vegapunk.

Possibly, he got another power that is in the form of very high intelligence.

In fact, Vegapunk's level of intelligence might surpass that of a normal human.

The devil fruit that Vegapunk might eat is the devil fruit of knowledge, the Chisi Chisi no Mi.

The power of the devil fruit does not give Vegapunk any fighting abilities or turn him into an elemental.

However, the level of intelligence and thinking power will greatly increase drastically beyond that of a normal human.

This ability is similar to Foxy's devil fruit, which allows him to slow down time for a few seconds.

It is also believed that Eiichiro Oda will later explain the mysteries and secrets about devil fruit after the figure of an intelligent scientist appears in the story

And the figure of this intelligent scientist is none other than Vegapunk.

He is believed to be able to answer various questions that have arisen so far among fans. For example, how then can humans have the power of a devil fruit.

With the intelligence he has, as well as the various research and experiments he has done, it seems natural that Vegapunk then has a lot of knowledge about devil fruits.

On the other hand, he is also a devil fruit user which will make the secrets and various studies he does more relevant.

The intelligence that he has from the power of the devil fruit could be the key to the secret.

Based on the clues that Eiichiro Oda gave when he first presented his character, Vegapunk was probably a genius old man.

His role in the world of One Piece is clearly irreplaceable. He managed to create all kinds of things.

However, in chapter 1064 it was revealed that Vegapunk felt his life would not last long for several reasons.

This is because the current World Government is after his life for a mysterious reason.

The big question then is assuming that if Vegapunk dies in the future, will there be a replacement?

Most likely there will be a substitute figure for Vegapunk who will eat his devil fruit one day.

As we know, after a devil fruit user dies, his power will return.

And maybe, one day there will be a figure who eats the devil fruit and becomes Vegapunk's successor.

Another possibility is that he might transfer the devil fruit's power to someone else.

With the intelligence he has, it is not impossible if this can be realized by Dr. Vegapunk.

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