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One Piece: Bonney Vegapunk Experiment Results?

One Piece: Bonney Vegapunk Experiment Results?

Many questions arise among One Piece fans when they see Jewelry Bonney's persistent efforts to save Kuma. 

What exactly is Jewelry Bonney and Kuma's relationship? 

Why then was Bonney so determined to save him? 

The relationship between Kuma and Bonney had become one of the big question marks that appeared throughout the series.

Many fans themselves then speculated if the two of them had a special relationship, for example, father and daughter. 

And as it turned out, the speculation proved to be true. 

Eiichiro Oda "confirmed" the fans' speculation in chapter 1063 yesterday. 

Bonney confesses that Kuma is his father, which takes Luffy and the others by surprise.

In the end, Bonney asked Luffy and Jinbe and Chopper not to hurt a Pacifista who had a form like Kuma. 

She still thought it was her father. 

However, what is interesting is that other speculations have emerged among fans regarding their relationship. 

In this speculation, it is stated that Bonney may not be Kuma's biological child, but the child of Vegapunk's experiment.

Bonney Evidence Vegapunk Experiment Results

One Piece: Bonney Vegapunk Experiment Results?

You might ask what is the proof that Bonney is the experimental child of Vegapunk?

There is some solid evidence that has emerged in the story so far. 

First, in terms of physical form, Jewelry Bonney and Kuma have no resemblance, both in terms of body or face. 

Then, the nature of the two of them also looks different.

Furthermore, Bonney's words in chapter 1063 that Kuma is the only parent she has. 

Bonney probably realized that she wasn't Kuma's biological child. 

However, seeing how Kuma took good care of her and treated her like his own daughter made Bonney feel that Kuma was his real father. 

This may be the reason why Bonney says that Kuma is the only parent or family figure she has.

Other evidence that is no less interesting is the statement from Bonney about the figure of Vegapunk and the island of Egghead. 

Whether we realize it or not, Bonnney has a close relationship with Vegapunk and the island. 

In the previous few chapters we saw that Bonney admitted that she was very familiar with Egghead Island. 

Bonney also admitted that since childhood she had been on the island, when Egghead Island was still simple. 

Vegapunk himself at that time was still working alone.

That was the reason why Bonney knew where they had to go while on Egghead Island. 

Not to mention, how Bonney knows very well how Vegapunk turned Kuma into a cyborg as if to imply that she has known the scientist for a long time. 

And one other clue as well is how Vegapunk once researched the Lineage Factor. 

This later became the forerunner of the emergence of the six satellites or clones and Pacifista.

Reasons to Be Targeted by the World Government

One Piece: Bonney Vegapunk Experiment Results?

The possibility that Jewelry Bonney was the experimental child of Vegapunk could also be a strong reason why she became the target of the World Government. 

How Bonney can become the target of the World Government is still a big question mark for all fans. They wondered what then made Bonney so important to the World Government.

The speculation arose when Akainu captured Bonney, which Blackbeard had previously defeated. 

Akainu said he was surprised how someone like Bonney could be targeted by the World Government. 

And the theory that Bonney is the result of Vegapunk's experiment may be the answer to the fans' speculation.

This seems quite reasonable. 


Because, basically, with Jewelry Bonney being Vegapunk's creation, she is the "property" of the navy and the World Government. 

They wanted the property back in their hands, which made Bonney a target for the World Government.

Oda Often Gives Surprises

One Piece: Bonney Vegapunk Experiment Results?

Speculation or theory that Jewelry Bonney is the result of Vegapunk's experiment is actually not an exaggeration. 

Looking at the various clues above, it seems that the speculation does make sense. 

Moreover, if we pay attention, Oda Sensei often gives big surprises to his fans.

 For example, we see the big surprise that happened to Yamato.

Previously, Kaido had said that he had a son named Yamato. 

However, in fact, Yamato was a woman. 

Then, we also get a big surprise from the fact about Monkey D. Luffy's devil fruit.

 For more than 20 years fans have known that the devil fruit is called Gomu Gomu no Mi, which is in fact Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

And also how the figure of Buggy who was chosen as a Yonko was also another surprise that Oda presented to the fans. 

In conclusion, Jewelry Bonney could indeed not be Kuma's biological child but the experimental result of Vegapunk's figure. 

If this is true, then it means that some of the mysteries about Bonney have finally been answered.

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