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One Piece: Swordsman's Name Even Without Devil Fruit Powers

In the world of One Piece, devil fruit is a method to gain power.

However, not all strong characters have powers that come from devil fruits, especially swordsmen.

There are some swordsmen who even without using a devil fruit still have extraordinary strength. Here's a list of the names of the swordsmen in One Piece


Vista is the commander of the Whitebeard Pirates' 5th division. 

He is also one of the most prominent members of Whitebeard's crew and possesses 2 Haki techniques.

In addition, Vista also mastered a great dual sword technique and even Mihawk admitted it when they fought at the Marineford war.

Where Marco specifically asked him to protect Luffy from Mihawk, the two fought to a draw and agreed to end the duel with no one winning.

2.Roronoa Zoro

He is the second in the Straw Hat crew, and is known as the pirate hunter. Zoro is a very strong swordsman using the 3 sword technique.

After being trained by Mihawk, he also mastered Busoshoku, Kenbunshoku and could make his sword black because it was coated with Haki and cut whatever he wanted to cut.

Zoro has also awakened Haoshoku Haki and injured Kaido during the war in the Wano Kuni arc.

3.Dracule Mihawk

Is a former Shicibukai and has the title of the world's greatest swordsman.
Is the person who taught Zoro to use Busoshoku Haki to protect the sword from damage.

Mihawk has pride in his swordsmanship, he considers that a scratch on his sword is a blemish for his pride.

4.Kozuki Oden

Apart from mastering Haoshoku Haki, Kozuki Oden is a very strong swordsman. His followers say, Oden alone faced Ashura Doji.

Ashura Doji was a dangerous villain at the time who was able to fight one on one against Jack, one of the commanders of Kaido's pirate squad.

As the name implies, Oden also had to be killed by being boiled by the Beast pirates.

5.Akagami no Shanks

Although in terms of strength it is not explained in detail, it is implied that he is on par with Kaido, Bigmom, and even Whitebeard who is feared as the strongest pirate in the World.

Even though he was a Yonkou, Shanks was a very laid back person.

He usually avoids taking actions that result in violence and always challenges the idea of ​​unnecessary bloodshed.

Evidently when he demonstrated his diplomatic skills, he managed to broker a truce between the Whitebeard pirates and the World Government.

6.Silvers Rayleigh

Rayleigh is the former vice-captain and first person of the pirate king Gol D. Roger. 

Rayleigh is also a very strong swordsman and user of 3 haki. 

His abilities were seen on the island of Sabaody, he casually parried Kizaru's attacks, enhanced Logia and an admiral from the navy. 

 That's a list of the names of the swordsmen in the One Piece series

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