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One Piece Spoiler Reddit: Not A Lunarian, Kuma Is One Of The Three Eyes Races! 

One Piece 1065 Spoiler Reddit: Not A Lunarian, Kuma Is One Of The Three Eyes Races!

In the most recent One Piece chapter, Jewelry Bonney disclosed important details about the character Bartholomew Kuma.

According to Bonney in One Piece chapter 1064, Kuma, Luffy's father, is a member of a unique race.

He did not specify the specific race Kuma belonged to, though.

Even still, it appears that the fans themselves are aware of this.

One of the intriguing revelations from One Piece chapter 1064 was that Jewelry Bonney, who had informed Luffy and the others that Kuma was of a "special" race, had in fact been lying to them.

In reality, this is what also qualifies him for a harsh punishment, namely life in jail.

Interesting rumors have also surfaced suggesting that Kuma from One Piece may be a member of the three-eyed racial clan.

Bartholomew Kuma Kuma is a fascinating and enigmatic character.

Fans have been highly interested in learning more about his past ever since he made his debut in the Sabaody arc.

Kuma has a peculiar physical make-up that causes his physique to resemble a race of giants.

But in this speculative scenario, it is emphasized that if something intriguing results from Kuma's physical state,

If you look closely, Kuma's form never displays his forehead.

His trademark is that he always wears a hat.

This is one of the hints that led to the idea that Kuma might have been concealing a third eye on purpose.

This reminds me of the character Pudding, who never shows his third eye.

His white eyes served as another red flag.

Kuma's white eyes were thought to be a side effect or outcome of his actions to awaken the third eye's power.

To date, Eiichiro Oda has consistently dropped hints that, if they are successful in awakening it, the Three Eyes tribe will possess amazing power.

Pudding still has a normal appearance because she hasn't yet been able to use that power.

He also appeared to be doubtful if the three-eyed tribe indeed possessed such a potent awakening power.

This was different from Kuma, who had been successfully resurrected.

That's why his eyes are white.

One Piece 1065 Spoiler Reddit: Not A Lunarian, Kuma Is One Of The Three Eyes Races!

Why Join the Revolutionary Army?

The speculation also mentions that the powerful ability of the three eyes may be the reason Kuma joins the Revolutionary Army in One Piece.

As is known, when the Three-Eyed Race is resurrected, he will be able to read Poneglyphs and have abilities similar to the Voice of All Things.

Kuma had managed to awaken his powers.

This means he can already read the Poneglyphs and translate them.

Kuma is having a bad time in his life, and he finds out about the World Government.

By joining the Revolutionary Army, Kuma wants to find out who the real tyrant is.

The ability to read the Poneglyphs would certainly be of great use to the Revolutionary Army if they had a copy.

In reality, based on Kuma's translation, it's probable that they and Nico Robin learnt a lot about history and global governance.

The Rio Poneglyph was translated by Kuma, who most likely had many copies of it.

They fight on and attempt to overthrow the world government and the sky dragons because of this.

One Piece 1065 Spoiler Reddit: Not A Lunarian, Kuma Is One Of The Three Eyes Races!

Connection With Pudding?

The simultaneous appearance of Kuma and Pudding serves as the connection in this instance.

As we all know, Pudding's appearance on the cover led to her becoming one of the narrative's primary highlights.

Additionally, it was later revealed in Chapter 1064 that Blackbeard and his crew had taken one of Big Mom's kids hostage.

Pudding was a specific target for Blackbeard because to his strength.

Coincidentally, Kuma's secret is also gradually beginning to come out.

Eiichiro Oda might have made a connection between the two, which would imply that Kuma might also be a member of the Three Eyes race.

If Kuma is part of the Three Eyes race, how about Bonney?

In fact, Bonney did not belong to the tribe.

She might not be Kuma's biological daughter, though.

It's possible that Bonney is Kuma's adopted daughter, just like Uta in One Piece Film: Red or Nami and Nojiko.

If this rumor turns out to be accurate, it makes sense why Vegapunk would want to focus his investigation on the character Kuma.

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