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One Piece: Revealed The Reason Eiichiro Oda Hides Im Same Identity For 20 Years

Im sama is the most mysterious character in the One Piece manga series. The character of Im Samaa has been kept a secret for so long by Eichiiro Oda.

Several times Oda showed Im Sama but only a silhouette was shown. Until now, how much power Im Samma has not shown by Oda. However, based on the hints often displayed by Oda, it seems that Im Samaa has extraordinary strength.

Even in this One Piece series, the World Government is the highest leader in the One Piece world, the Gorosei, who are high-ranking World Government officials, submit to worshiping Im Sama.

Well at this point the possibility that will be the last villain in the One Piece series is the character Im Sama, this is a very interesting prospect and controversy on the one hand.

Because after 900 chapters passed in the One Piece series out of nowhere this person became the King of the World whose character we have never heard of at all,

At least that's what makes some One Piece fans seem interested in this one Im Sama character,

But at the same time with the idea that Im Sama will be his last opponent, because isn't his introduction or arrival in the One Piece series too sudden and very surprising.

Even this Im Sama character is compared to One Piece fans with a character with Kaguya who was heavily criticized in the Naruto series.

The whole story line of One Piece is still long, so Im Sama is introduced at the right point, especially at the opening of the big saga.

Im Sama is introduced to have an important role in the story, and for now he is the one who manages all the governments in the One Piece World,

This means that he is the king of the world itself which of course was very surprising at first and if we look at the pattern of Eichiiro Oda, when will One Piece end around chapter 1200.

This is predicted so because there are several supporting factors that connect the first, namely,

One Piece is said to be finished in chapter 600 so don't be surprised if the second prediction part is twice of 600 and the total is at 1200.

Even in chapter 600, it was the time skip when the One Piece story was already half done.

So the introduction of Im Sama in the chapter in chapter 900 is not too late to enter the story, because it is still 3/4 until the final round of this One Piece.

And the worst thing is if the introduction of Im Sama is done in more than 1100 chapters or when the Big Saga begins,

It would seem very forced, the point is that we are still not in the last seconds of this story, considering the length of all the narratives.

It's as if Oda is hinting to us that there is a boss at the top of the World Government and it's still a long way from revealing this character,

And for that Eichiiro Oda will only introduce this character in the last saga as of now which we have just started.

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