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5 Twilight Background Facts in SPY x FAMILY

In the SPY x FAMILY anime, Twilight is the protagonist of this story. Working as a spy watching over politicians, he must build a "fake" family to facilitate his actions to carry out this mission.

He used the name Loid Forger as a pseudonym.

Some fans who watch the SPY x FAMILY anime are curious about the actual background facts of Twilight, here are the reviews:

1. Twilight grew up in the East West


Born as an only child, Twilight was born and raised in Luwen, East Westalis. 

His father was a pacifist who vehemently opposed war. Meanwhile, his mother is a very gentle person and loves Twilight very much.

Twilight's parents had opposite parenting styles, so the two often fought. 

Not infrequently, their fights also make Twilight very depressed. 

Twilight also has three friends who are often referred to as Major, Corporal, and General. 

Meanwhile, Twilight himself is often dubbed the Staff because he does not have army equipment.

2. Twilight's father forbade Twilight from joining the army

Because Twilight's father was a pacifist, he strongly forbade Twilight to engage in war. 

Therefore, when Twilight said that he wanted to join the military, Twilight's father immediately hit Twilight and said that Twilight did not understand anything about Ostania and the conflict that was going on.

However, Twilight is very jealous of his friends who have army equipment and toy guns. 

Twilight thinks that if he can't become a soldier, at least he can have a toy soldier. 

Therefore, Twilight lied to his father in order to earn money and buy army equipment.

3. Twilight's parents died in the war

Shortly after Twilight lied to his father, the Ostania Army suddenly attacked Luwen and dropped a bomb right on the secret base of Twilight and his friends. 

While her father's fate is unknown, Twilight and her mother manage to survive. They immediately fled to their relatives in Kielberg.

However, the Ostanian Army also attacked Kielberg so Twilight had to lose his mother. 

Now, his hatred for Ostania grew so much that he finally made up his mind to become a Westist Army. 

However, because he is not old enough, Twilight enlists in the military under the name Roland Spoofy and fakes his age.

4. Twilight was reunited with his childhood friend

While he is on duty, Twilight encounters a runaway Ostania Soldier, none other than Franky Franklin. 

During the meeting, Franky said that he and Twilight were in the same position. 

Franky mentions that they are just lowly soldiers who know nothing about the ongoing conflict.

After the meeting, Twilight then met his childhood friends. Apparently, they had survived the bombing at Luwen, and now they had become real soldiers. 

Since they were still on duty, Twilight invited his friends to regroup after work.

However, his friends refused because they had a mission outside the city. 

Unfortunately, Twilight then hears the news that the soldier sent on the mission is dead. 

That way, Twilight really has no one left.

5. Twilight joins WISE

His encounter with Franky and the deaths of his friends begin to change his view of Ostania. 

During this time, Twilight was indoctrinated to believe that Ostania was a terrible demon who was very cruel. 

However, his encounter with Franky and the deaths of his friends make Twilight start to think what if his country was just as evil.

Not long after, Twilight then met a mysterious man who knew his real name and identity. 

The man admitted that he was an intelligence person who wanted to recruit Twilight. 

The man also said that if Twilight refused, he would be tried in a military court. 

Having no other choice, Twilight finally followed the person's words.

As a member of WISE, the goal is no longer to beat Ostania. He aims to create a peaceful world where no more crying children.

Much of Twilight's past remains a mystery. In fact, we still don't know what his real name is. 

Even so, flashbacks in the manga have given us an idea of ​​the background of this secret agent.

Those are some facts about Twilight in the SPY x FAMILY anime.

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