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My Hero Academia: How Quirk Transmission Works!

My Hero Academia: How Quirk Transmission Works!

My Hero Academia chapter 368 has provoked a lot of discussion among fans regarding the appearance of Quirk from the second user, Transmission.

After years of fans speculating about One For All's second Quirk, the chapter finally officially introduces it to fans.

The Quirk is likely to be the deciding factor for the battle between Deku and Shigaraki. 

In fact, some fans suspect that this is one of the strongest Quirks ever. 

Since Quirk is still new, it's only natural that many geeks are still confused or don't understand how the system works or how Transmission works. 

The following is an explanation of how Quirk Transmission works.

Deku Can Adjust The Speed ​​Of Everything He Touches

My Hero Academia: How Quirk Transmission Works!

Quirk Transmission officially appeared in chapter 368 yesterday. 

This power appears after Shigaraki flies using the Black Chain technique. 

Midoriya himself seemed to have succeeded in activating Quirk Transmission using his right arm. 

In an instant, he was finally able to catch up to the villain. 

After that, he then launched a punch at Shigaraki.

Several panels that appear in the chapter show that Deku is able to switch speed levels when using the Quirk. 

He used it to produce much faster and more powerful attacks. 

It seems that Deku starts with gears 2 and 3 before then he uses peak gear or main gear.

Shigaraki himself was hit by an attack from Deku very quickly. 

He didn't even have time to react or take any action to dodge the attack. 

Deku himself could use Quirk Transmission to increase the speed and power levels of whatever he attacked. 

Mirio Togata explained that the Quirk's speed level even surpassed the speed of sound.

Able to Use “Awakening” Mode?

My Hero Academia: How Quirk Transmission Works!

At the end of the chapter, the second One For All user mentions that Deku can use the last mode in Quirk Transmission which is "Plus Ultra".

To be able to activate it, Deku needs to use overdrive mode after reaching peak gear. 

After that, Deku can only exceed the maximum limit of his strength from 100% to 120%.

Deku himself then closed the chapter by beating Shigaraki with the Detroit Smash technique. 

You may remember how Shigaraki managed to withstand various powerful and devastating attacks from previous Pro Heroes. 

However, Deku's epic technique and Transmission's "awakening" seemed to be the answer to being able to injure Shigaraki.

It will be interesting to see how Shigaraki will react after the attack. 

However, it can be seen how scared or hesitant he is when he finds out Deku is using Quirk from the second user of One For All. 

Did he return to having bad memories from the battle against the second user? It could be.

There are Weaknesses

My Hero Academia: How Quirk Transmission Works!

The second user of OFA explains to Deku that he must not use his powers, except at the last moment or as a last resort. 

In addition, he also gave an explanation that Deku must succeed in defeating Shigaraki in just five minutes.

If that doesn't happen, the world will be destroyed. 

Based on this, we can conclude that Quirk Transmission also has weaknesses.

In fact, when Deku was about to beat Shigaraki, the second OFA user said not to waste the Quirk. 

So, it's very clear that Deku can only use the Quirk in specific situations. 

Kohei Horikoshi himself will probably provide a more detailed explanation in the next few chapters.

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