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One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Devil fruit is something very extraordinary and is one of the main elements in the One Piece series. 

Many pirates or strong characters in the story have the power of devil fruit. For example, Monkey D. Luffy who is the main protagonist in the series. 

Even so, not all characters or pirates have devil fruit powers.

One of the real evidence is Gol D. Roger, the pirate king. Roger's awesomeness and toughness have even been recognized by many people, including Kaido and Big Mom. 

In fact, he does not have the power of a devil fruit. 

However, besides Roger, there are actually other pirate captain characters in the One Piece story who are strong without a devil fruit. Anyone?


One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Hajrudin is part of the giant tribe that comes from Elbaf. 

Hajrudin also had time to participate in the event at the Colosseum in the Dressrosa arc. 

As part of the giant tribe, it is not surprising that his physical strength is extraordinary. 

And this was also evident in the tournament at the Colosseum when he fought against one of the participants, Machvise.

Currently Hajruddin is a part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. He himself is the captain of the sixth group. 

Actually, Hajrudin is the captain of the New Giant Warrior pirate group. 

He was once part of Buggy's Delivery, a mercenary group. 

However, he later decided to leave the group and join Luffy's large fleet.

Dorry and Broggy

One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Dorry the Blue Ogre and Brogy the Red Ogre are two of the most feared pirates in the world. 

This is because no one has ever managed to beat them. Dorry and Brogy are from the island of Elbaf, and the two characters also briefly appeared in the Little Garden arc. 

Both are captains of the Giant Warrior pirate group.

They explored the oceans tens or hundreds of years ago. 

This is because the age of the giants can reach hundreds of years. The two of them had fought over debating who the Sea King was the greatest. 

Their battle lasted for 100 years, during which their prey has turned to bone. 

These two characters are shown to have a close relationship with Usopp.


One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Sai is a member of the Chinjao family and the 13th leader of the Happo pirates, as well as the 3rd commander of the Straw Hat Pirates' Fleet. 

He is famous for his reckless nature and has a fairly strong kick technique. 

Sai can even beat the Funk Brothers who have a higher bounty price than him. 

Don Chinjao witnessed how powerful Sai's kick was.

In the Dressrosa arc we can see how Sai's kick is able to bend Chinjao's Haki-coated head. 

Whereas, previously only Luffy and Garp could do it. 

Sai can even beat Lao G with his kicks and can split a hill in two. 

This is proof that even without the power of the devil fruit, Sai has become an extraordinary figure.


One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Zeff is an intelligent chef as well as an extraordinary foster father figure for Sanji. 

He is a skilled head cook at the Baratie restaurant. 

His skills and experience make Zeff often give Sanji cooking knowledge which makes him the greatest chef he is today. 

He also taught Sanji to use his legs as weapons.

That's why he became one of the owners of a fairly strong kick in the world of One Piece. 

In fact, he also has a nickname, namely Zeff the Red Leg. 

Before becoming a chef, Zeff himself was a pirate captain of the Cook group. 

However, unfortunately, due to a big storm the entire pirate crew had to die and left him stranded.

Captain Kuro

One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

The name Captain Kuro appears at the beginning of the One Piece series. 

He is the main villain in the Syrupp Village arc, where Luffy recruited Usopp to become the Straw Hat crew. 

Captain Kuro himself is an intelligent and cruel figure. 

The real proof of this is how he pretends to be a servant for Kaya in order to steal his family's property. 

Captain Kuro himself is the captain of the Black Cat pirate group.

This group is truly cruel and greedy. 

As a captain, Kuro actually doesn't seem to care about his crew. 

In fact, he also doesn't care about others because of his selfish nature. 

Because most of the crew are ordinary pirates, without Kuro's direction they won't be able to do anything. 

Even so, he was a ruthless figure where he had the heart to sacrifice his crew.

Charlotte Lola

One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Lola is Chiffon's twin sister who rejects Big Mom's forced marriage. 

She plans to marry Loki, a prince from the Elbaf nation. 

However, due to her stubborn nature, Lola chose to run away from Big Mom and wanted to find her own soul mate. 

Since then Lola has become one of Big Mom's children who has been proven to "betray" her own mother.

That was also the reason why the Big Mom pirate alliance and the Giant pirates had problems until now. 

Lola herself then formed her own pirate group, namely the Rolling Pirates or Rolling pirates. 

We can see this group of pirates appear in the Thriller Bark arc, where they helped Luffy defeat Moria.

Don Chinjao

One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Chinjao is the 11th leader of the Happo Navy and is one of the pirates who often provide terror. 

Although he can use all three types of Haki, Chinjao mostly uses Busoshoku Haki or Armament Haki. 

He will harden his punch and then "coat" his punch with the Haki so that the power he generates can be much stronger.

Chinjao is also one of Garp's eternal rivals. 

The two of them had fought each other before, and what was amazing was that both of them practiced by destroying mountains for the sake of the fight. 

However, it turned out that after the fight was over, it was discovered that Garp's abilities were far more powerful than Chinjao's. 

He briefly fought against Luffy in the Dressrosa arc.

Fisher Tiger

One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Fisher Tiger is one of the important figures in the One Piece story who unfortunately gets less attention. 

He is a fish-man who has a desire to be able to travel to the outside world and learn about culture and what is happening in the human world. 

However, the bad reality was that Fisher Tiger had to experience discrimination.

Fisher Tiger himself is the captain of the Sun pirate group. 

He formed his own pirate crew, consisting of fishmen, to create freedom for the slaves of the sky dragons. 

This happened after Fisher Tiger was caught and tortured them. 

Fisher Tiger himself ended up having to die after he bled out, because no one wanted to donate his blood.

Don Krieg

One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

After defeating Buggy and his group, Luffy and Zoro then met Sanji in the Barattie arc. 

This is where we meet another evil pirate, Don Krieg and his pirate group. 

Don Krieg was renowned as a strong man in the East Blue. 

On his way to the Grand Line, Krieg and his crew were killed by Mihawk, who at that time had become one of the Shichibukai.

As a result of this, they also attacked the Baratie ship because of hunger. 

Not just once, they had done it several times. 

When Luffy and Zoro appeared, Luffy agreed to help Sanji defeat Don Krieg and his group. 

And the victory over Don Krieg made Sanji finally join Luffy's group.


One Piece: Pirate Captains Without Devil Fruit Powers!

Arlong and the rest of the pirate group are another villain that appears in the East Blue Saga. 

In the story, this is the moment of Luffy's meeting with Nami. 

The Arlong pirate group itself is the main antagonist in the Arlong Park arc. 

Actually, Arlong is part of the Sun pirate group. 

However, after the deaths of Fisher Tiger and Jinbe who became Shichibukai, Arlong decided to create his own pirate group.

Arlong has the same vision as Hody Jones where humans are the lowest creatures, compared to fish-men. 

That's why they then attacked Cocoyashi village and made Nami have to do whatever she ordered. 

Arlong and his group finally managed to defeat Luffy at the end of the arc, which then Nami finally decided to join Luffy.

Some of the pirates above are proof that it is not necessary to have the power of a devil fruit to then become the captain of a pirate group. 

Even though most of them are villains, and their group must be destroyed, this is proof that even without a devil fruit they can become strong figures.

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