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One Piece 1062 Spoiler: CP0 Moves Towards Egghead, Pacifista War Is Inevitable?

The latest One Piece 1062 spoiler reveals the movement of the Chiper Pol Aegis (CP0) supported by Pacifista.

At the end of the One Piece 1062 Spoiler, it is shown that CP0 personnel with Pacifista in tow, are planning to finish off Vegapunk.

The surprising thing in One Piece 1062 Spoiler is that the Pacifista behind the CP0 personnel are still the same as the old type who imitates the figure of Bartholomew Kuma.

However, the Pacifista who are with CP0 in One Piece 1062 Spoiler, besides according to Kuma's figure, also has wings like the newest type with the code Seraphim.

Whether Pacisfa Kuma, which CP0 will bring to Egg Head in One Piece 1062 Spoiler, still uses the PX code, it is not yet known.

The figure of the winged Pacifista Kuma seemed very likely already a Seraphim type.

The only difference is that other Pacifista Seraphim imitate the figures of former Shicibukai, small in size.

Pacifista Seraphim Kuma, still as large as the original Kuma.

Pacifista Seraphim Kuma in One Piece Spoiler 1062, also has a winged star emblem like the cyborgs and robots made by Vegapunk in Egg Head.

On Egg Head's Future Island, Eiichiro Oda has shown Vegapunk's cyborgs and robots.

The cyborgs and robots made by Vegapunk also have a Punk code followed by a number, just like Pacifista with its PX code.

This is natural, because both are made by Vegapunk.

The difference is, PX was made by Vegapunk as a weapon for the World Government, and Punk for himself.

What's interesting, with CP0 heading to Egg Head carrying a mission to kill Vegapunk, it seems that war between Pacifistas is inevitable.

Of course, it would be impossible if the Punk guarding Egg Head Island was weaker than the Seraphim

With Luffy and the Straw Hat crew already at Egg Head, an exciting battle is sure to ensue.

Volume II duel Luffy versus Lucci, Zoro against Kaku and the fight between Sanji Jyabura will definitely be exciting.

And of course the strong fight between Pacifista Seraphim and Pacifista Punk, will not be less exciting.

Let's wait together for the continuation of the One Piece mangaka, Eiichiro Oda.

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