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One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

For devil fruit users in the One Piece series, awakening or awakening the power of the devil fruit is a big achievement. 

It takes time, experience, and practice to then be able to awaken the devil fruit they have. 

As we know, devil fruit gives various powers to those who eat it, depending on the type.

Those who have got the power of the devil fruit will indeed become very strong. 

However, it turns out that the potential power of the already strong devil fruit can still be leveled up again. 

How to? Namely by awakening alias awakening. 

Throughout the One Piece series, there have been several devil fruits that users have successfully awakened. 

1. Hie Hie No Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

Kuzan alias Aokiji is a former admiral at headquarters. 

He was nominated to fill the position as fleet admiral replacing Sengoku. 

However, the position finally belonged to Sakazuki after he lost the duel at Punk Hazard. 

Kuzan also withdrew from the navy. Currently, he joined the Blackbeard pirates. 

Aokiji aka Kuzan has the power of the Hie Hie no Mi. 

Hie Hie no Mi is able to create, control, and turn into ice.

In a battle, he uses this ability by freezing their bodies just by touching them. 

Actually, there has been no official confirmation whether Kuzan has succeeded in resurrecting this devil fruit. 

However, in a 10-day battle with Sakazuki, Kuzan managed to turn a part of Punk Hazard's territory into ice. 

How he then froze the oceans or frozen the tsunami that Whitebeard created in the Marineford war, can also be another proof.

2. The Guardians of Impel Down

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

Impel Down Prison is the most difficult prison to penetrate. 

This is a prison belonging to the World Government, a place to confine pirates or criminals or someone who is considered an enemy by the World Government and the navy. 

An obvious example is Ace and Jinbe, who were locked up at level 6 of Impel Down. 

One of the things that makes Impel Down difficult to penetrate is the presence of a terrible guard figure.

Some of them were four people with Zoan devil fruit powers, which they had managed to awaken. 

The result was that the four of them had completely transformed into the figure of the beast. 

They are Minotaur, Minozebra, Minokoala, and Minorhinoceros. 

These four characters are controlled by their leader, Sadi. 

However, it is unknown whether those who decide to permanently change in their Zoan form as well as whether they can return to their original form.

3. Magu Magu No Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

Akainu alias Sakazuki is a fleet admiral at the current headquarters, filling the position that Sengoku left. 

Akainu has shown that he has tremendous power. 

This is thanks to the Magu Magu no Mi, where the fruit gives Sakazuki the ability to manipulate magma and turn it into hot liquid. 

Akainu's magma ability is able to surpass Ace's fire ability.

In fact, he was responsible for Ace's death in the war at Marineford. 

This was even confirmed by Oda himself in the SBS column. 

Although Ace has the ability to turn into fire, in fact his body is not resistant to Akainu's magma attack. 

He is also the one who turned a part of Punk Hazard's territory into magma when he fought against Kuzan. 

Oda also confirmed that with his devil fruit, Sakazuki could have defeated Luffy and finished the series in one year.

4. Suna Suna No Mi 

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

One of the former Shichibukai, Crocodile, was caught and had to be imprisoned in Impel Down after the horrific events in Alabasta. 

He tried to seize the power of the Nefertari family. 

Being a very dangerous pirate, Crocodile must languish in a level 6 prison. 

With the power of the Suna Suna no Mi, Crocodile is a big threat to almost everyone on his level.

The proof is that Luffy was defeated twice by Crocodile, during the Alabasta arc. 

Crocodile can also kill his enemies easily. In addition, his Suna Suna no Mi is able to create a very large sandstorm, make weapons made of sand, and also make quicksand. 

By being able to do various epic things, it means that Crocodile has succeeded in awakening his devil fruit abilities.

5. Doku Doku No Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

The warden of Impel Down, Magellan, has a terrible devil fruit power where he can turn into deadly poison. 

This is because of the Doku Doku no Mi devil fruit, a Paramecia type devil fruit that allows him to manipulate and create poison. 

Magellan usually creates a thick layer of poison to protect him from various attacks.

The layer of poison seemed to become his armor or armor, and possessed extraordinary resistance, especially in close combat. 

Thanks to this, no one dared to face or touch Magellan directly because once the poison was touched one's life could be lost. 

By being able to control his surroundings, Magellan may have succeeded in awakening his devil fruit.

6. Mochi Mochi no Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

Mochi Mochi no Mi is a special Paramecia type devil fruit. 

The user of this power is able to create, control, and transform into mochi. 

Although it doesn't seem too oppressive, this devil fruit is included in a special type of Paramecia fruit because the user can change form which usually only exists in the Logia type.

By turning his body or parts of his body into mochi, the user can use this power to take cover, avoid attacks, or as a weapon. 

How then Katakuri shows his awakening power is like the Paramecia devil fruit, Katakuri is able to influence the surroundings. 

In the fight against Luffy, he managed to turn the footing of or around Luffy into mochi.

7. Ito Ito no Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

The Ito Ito no Mi is a Paramecia-type devil fruit that belongs to Donquixote Doflamingo. 

This devil fruit gives the user the ability to control anything by creating a thin rope that comes from the clouds. 

The strings or ropes that appear are very strong, even capable of cutting through meteors without difficulty.

Doflamingo has had the devil fruit since he was a child, so it might be natural for him to be able to master the Ito Ito no Mi well and even awaken its power. 

With the power of this devil fruit, Doflamingo is able to control his surroundings, such as using the birdcage technique to confine the entire Dressrosa area.

8. Jiki Jiki No Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

The Jiki Jiki no Mi is a Paramecia type devil fruit belonging to a member of the Worst Generation pirates, Eustass Kid. 

The power of the Jiki Jiki no Mi was first shown during the Sabaody arc, where all the Worst Generation pirates gathered and introduced them. 

In the Wano Country arc, fans were then able to see the power of this devil fruit better.

Jiki Jiki no Mi makes Kid able to manipulate magnetic energy at will and then attract or throw iron material around him. 

By making his body a magnet, Kid turns into a much stronger figure. 

This is because parts of his body are coated with iron or various iron materials. 

Kid himself recently succeeded in awakening the power of his devil fruit.

He also used his various awakening powers, such as "Assign" or "Punk Clash" to defeat Big Mom in the battle at Onigashima yesterday. 

This happened after Kid teamed up with Law to conquer Big Mom.

9. Ope Ope No Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

One of the strongest Paramecia type devil fruit in the series. 

The Ope Ope devil fruit is a devil fruit that belongs to the captain of the Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law. 

The devil fruit allows Law to "manipulate" the human body or any object at will. In fact, the most epic thing is that Law is able to exchange one's personality with the power of this devil fruit.

Similar to Kid, Law himself just managed to use the awakening of this devil fruit. 

One of the newest techniques itself has the name "Room" where Law will coat his sword and be able to penetrate the target's body without touching it. 

This attack is able to damage the internal organs of his enemy, just like he did to Big Mom. 

And this is also one of the keys to victory over Big Mom.

10. Uo Uo No Mi, Model: Seiryuu

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

Kaido is the main villain of the Wano Country arc, as is Big Mom. 

He became an opponent for Luffy in the final battle of the arc. 

Kaido himself has the power of the devil fruit Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu, which allows him to transform into a giant dragon. 

Big Mom gave the devil fruit to Kaido after the defeat of the Rocks group in God Valley.

Indeed, there is still no confirmation that Kaido's devil fruit has been successfully resurrected. 

However, the Uo Uo no Mi is the first water type devil fruit in the series, considering that Uo itself is a type of fish in Japan. 

How then Kaido can change from "fish" to "dragon" is probably because he managed to awaken his devil fruit power.

11. Soru Soru No Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

Big Mom is one of the villains who appeared in the Wano Country arc. 

When it comes to strength, of course, we don't need to doubt it anymore. 

However, it is still a big question whether Big Mom has succeeded in resurrecting her Soru Soru devil fruit. 

However, from what emerged in the fight against Kid Law and Kid, Big Mom admitted that it had been decades she had not felt extreme pain. 

He then used the power of Soru Soru to turn the iron that hit him into Homies. 

And the most epic thing was that he used his one year of life to increase his strength. 

I think this can be proof that Big Mom has succeeded in resurrecting her devil fruit.

12. Hito Hito No Mi, Model: Nika

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

A big surprise appeared in the Wano arc, where it turned out that the name of Luffy's devil fruit was not his real name. 

Gomu Gomu no Mi aka Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, is a Mythical Zoan type devil fruit that belongs to Luffy. 

This devil fruit is able to turn the user into someone who is elastic, as Luffy has often shown throughout the series.

When Luffy managed to awaken his full power, Luffy's rubber strength was really extraordinary as we can see in chapters 1045 and 1046 yesterday. 

Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika is not an ordinary devil fruit because the devil fruit is very important, especially for the World Government. 

This devil fruit has not been resurrected in the past 800 years. 

Although this is Luffy's form of awakening, he himself calls this awakening Gear 5.

13. Mori Mori no Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

This is a new devil fruit that appears in the series. 

The devil fruit that Aramaki consumes is called the Mori Mori no Mi. 

Mori itself in Japanese means forest. 

And this is indeed in accordance with the strength he showed in chapter 1053. 

In that chapter, we saw how wherever Aramaki goes there will be plants or plants that appear around him.

The ability of this devil fruit is that the user is able to grow plants wherever he is, turn the surrounding area into a forest, and even absorb other people's fluids or nutrients. 

Many fans believe how Aramaki uses various branches, and all the plants are permanent to be proof that he has awakened his devil fruit powers.

14. Goal Goal No Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

Gild Tesoro is the main antagonist in One Piece Film: Gold. 

He used to be the king of the casino, and also the owner of the Grand Tesoro, the world's largest entertainment ship before he lost and was caught. 

Tesoro himself consumed the Gol Gol no Mi devil fruit, where he is able to turn anything he touches into gold. 

In fact, he can turn water into a golden liquid.

An obvious example is that he used his power to create a fountain made of golden liquid. 

Gild Tesoro can also trap his enemies, by inserting gold dust and gold flakes into his enemy's body so that he slowly turns into gold. 

Tesoro also has an armor made of gold, so it can increase his attack and defense. 

In fact, the armor can withstand Zoro's sword slashes.

15. Gasha Gasha No Mi

One Piece: 15 Awakened Devil Fruits!

Douglas Bullet was the main enemy in the previous film, One Piece: Stampede. 

As a child, Bullet was a child soldier in Galzburg, and then joined the Roger Pirates. 

He then had to be imprisoned for more than 20 years. 

Even so, Bullet himself managed to escape from Impel Down when chaos ensued there due to the actions of Monkey D. Luffy and Teach.

Bullet has the devil fruit ability Gasha Gasha no Mi, where he is able to use objects around him to build something that is in his mind. 

Similar to Kid's power, only Bullet is better able to use it well by building things. 

Having awakened his devil fruit ability, Bullet could have turned an island into something he wanted.

By successfully awakening the power of the devil fruit, it means that the user has succeeded in increasing the power of the devil fruit to the maximum level. 

However, it must be admitted that not everyone or devil fruit owners will be able to do it. 

Even so, some of the characters above prove how they are able to reach that maximum level.

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