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One Piece 1065 Spoiler Reddit: Bartholomew Kuma Has a Third Eye?

One Piece 1065 Spoiler Reddit: Bartholomew Kuma Has a Third Eye?

Jewelry Bonney revealed interesting facts about the figure of Bartholomew Kuma in the latest chapter of One Piece. 

In chapter 1064, Bonney told Luffy and the others that her father, Kuma, was from a special race. 

However, he did not say which special race Kuma was from. Even so, the fans themselves seem to have a clue regarding this.

One of the interesting pieces of information that emerged from One Piece chapter 1064 was Jewelry Bonney telling Luffy and the others that Kuma was from a “special” race. 

In fact, this is also what makes him have to receive a severe sentence of imprisonment for life. 

Kuma was imprisoned because he was considered different from the others. 

Interesting speculation arose which states that there is a possibility that Kuma in One Piece is part of the three eye race tribe.

Kuma's Physical Condition

One Piece 1065 Spoiler Reddit: One Piece 1065 Spoiler: Bartholomew Kuma Has a Third Eye?

Bartholomew Kuma is an interesting and mysterious figure at the same time. 

Since his first appearance in the Sabaody arc, the fans themselves have been very curious about his past. 

Kuma himself has a unique physical condition, where his body resembles a race of giants. 

However, in this speculation it is explained if there are interesting things that arise from Kuma's physical condition.

If you pay attention, Kuma's figure never shows his forehead or forehead. 

He always wore a hat, which had become his trademark. 

This became one of the clues that gave rise to speculation that there might be a third eye that Kuma was deliberately hiding. 

This is similar to the figure of Pudding, who always hides her third eye.

Apart from that, another clue was the white eyes he had. 

The speculation is that the white eyes that Kuma has may be the effect or result of the awakening of the power of the third eye that he has done. 

So far, Oda Sensei has always given hints that the Three Eyes tribe is capable of tremendous power when they succeed in awakening its power.

Pudding herself still looks normal, because she hasn't managed to awakening that power yet. 

She also seemed unsure if the three-eyed tribe actually had the powerful awakening ability. 

This was in contrast to Kuma, who had successfully awakening. That's why his eyes are white.

Why Join the Revolutionary Army?

One Piece 1065 Spoiler Reddit: One Piece 1065 Spoiler: Bartholomew Kuma Has a Third Eye?

The speculation also mentions that the powerful ability of the three eyes may be the reason Kuma joins the Revolutionary Army in One Piece. 

As we know, when a three-eyed race is awakened, he will be able to read Poneglyphs and have abilities similar to the Voice of All Things. 

Kuma had managed to awaken his power.

This means he can already read the Poneglyphs and translate them. 

Kuma is having a bad time in his life, and he learns about the World Government. 

By joining the Revolutionary Army, Kuma wants to find out who the real tyrant is. 

The ability to read the Poneglyphs will certainly be very useful to the Revolutionary Army, when they have a copy.

In fact, it could be that they and Nico Robin learned a lot about history and the World Government based on Kuma's translation. 

They probably had multiple copies of the Rio Poneglyph, and Kuma translated it. 

This is what makes them continue the struggle and try to overthrow the World Government and the sky dragons.

Connection With Pudding?

One Piece 1065 Spoiler Reddit: One Piece 1065 Spoiler: Bartholomew Kuma Has a Third Eye?

The connection in the sense here is how Kuma and Pudding appear at the same moment. 

As we all know, Pudding became one of the main highlights of the story after she appeared on the cover story. 

And in chapter 1064 it was later revealed that Blackbeard and his group managed to kidnap one of Big Mom's children. 

Blackbeard deliberately targeted Pudding because of the power she had.

And coincidentally, Kuma's secret also slowly begins to be revealed. 

There is a possibility that Oda does indeed present a connection between the two, which means that it is possible that Kuma is also part of the Three Eyes race. 

If, then Kuma is part of the Three Eyes race what about Bonney?

Indeed, Bonney was not part of the tribe. 

However, it could be that she is not Kuma's biological daughter. 

Like Uta in One Piece Film: Red or Nami and Nojiko, there is a possibility that Bonney is Kuma's adopted daughter. 

If this speculation is proven, then it makes sense that then Vegapunk really wants the figure of Kuma to be the subject of his research.

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