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One Piece: Why Did Bartholomew Kuma Become a Pacifista?

One Piece: Why Did Bartholomew Kuma Become a Pacifista?

After a long time being one of the mysteries among One Piece fans, it was finally revealed why Bartholomew Kuma was willing to be turned into a Pacifista.

This is more or less revealed in the manga One Piece 1062.

In the manga One Piece 1062, Jewelry Bonney's confession is shown that she is the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma.

Jewelry Bonney said this to Luffy, Jinbei, and Chopper.

From here, speculation arose that the reason Bartholomew Kuma was willing to be changed to a Pacifista was related to Jewelry Bonney.

However, of course there is a critical situation that makes Bartholomew Kuma dare to take the decision to be willing to be the subject of Dr. Vegapunk's experiments.

So what kind of situation is meant?

An interesting moment is presented in chapter 595, where Jewelry Bonney is shown being defeated by Blackbeard and captured.

At that time, Blackbeard planned to exchange Jewelry Bonney for a Navy warship.

However, upon seeing Akainu getting off the Navy ship to meet them, Blackbeard and his crew decided to leave.

Interestingly, when Akainu found Jewelry Bonney who was tied up, he said that he was worried about the news of Jewelry Bonney's escape from the World Government.

Until now, it is still a mystery.

There had been speculation previously circulating that it was possible that Jewelry Bonney was a descendant of the Tenryuubito.

However, with the reveal of Jewelry Bonney's identity who confessed to Luffy and friends that she was Bartholomew Kuma's daughter, the speculation was immediately broken.

However, this speculation is not completely extinguished because at the time of the Reverie Arc, the Sorbet Kingdom which was once led by Bartholomew Kuma, was invited to the Reverie meeting.

As it is known that those invited to the Levely meeting were part of the 21 royal alliances that united in the great battle 800 years ago.

It could be that Bartholomew Kuma actually had Tenryuubito blood, but his family ancestor or the first King of the Sorbet Kingdom rejected the status of a world noble; just like King Nefertari I.

If this speculation is true, then perhaps the reason Jewelry Bonney is detained by the World Government is because he still has Tenryuubito blood.

One Piece: Why Did Bartholomew Kuma Become a Pacifista?

However, the more plausible speculation is regarding Jewelry Bonney's devil fruit.

So far, it is not known what the name or type of devil fruit is owned by Jewelry Bonney.

What we know so far is that the devil fruit's ability allows Jewelry Bonney to manipulate other people's ages at will.

Perhaps, this devil fruit ability is what makes Im Sama and Gorosei live long.

I don't know how Jewelry Bonney can have this devil fruit, but what is clear is that it may be her devil fruit that makes her so 'loved' by the World Government.

As a father, Bartholomew Kuma certainly does not want her daughter to continue to be victims of Tenryuubito slavery.

In the end, taking advantage of his status as a Shichibukai and former King of the Sorbet Kingdom, Bartholomew Kuma made a deal with the World Government.

One Piece: Why Did Bartholomew Kuma Become a Pacifista?

The deal is of course as One Piece fans know; Bartholomew Kuma agrees to become a Pacifista as a "guinea pig".

That's why in One Piece 1062, Jewelry Bonney said that her purpose in coming to Egghead Island was to meet Dr. Vegapunk.

It could be that Jewelry Bonney wants to kill Dr. Vegapunk, or it could be that she just wants to ask Dr. Vegapunk's willingness to restore her father's human memory as before.

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