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One Piece 1065: Revealed What Shaka and Dragon Talked About 

One Piece 1065: Revealed What Shaka and Dragon Talked About

One Piece 1065 will show various very interesting surprises that will be presented to fans.

Although One Piece 1064 has just been published, there is a lot of speculation about One Piece 1065.

In One Piece 1065, a cover story will be shown which continues the cover story in the previous chapter, which is Pudding, who was kidnapped by Aokiji and Van Augur.

So it's possible that One Piece 1065 will also feature Bog Mom's children, Smoothie and the other Big Mom children who had returned home before going to Wano.

They have all arrived at Big Mom's headquarters, after not showing up for dozens of chapters.

There they will all hear shocking information about the kidnapped Pudding.

It looks like Cracker has also recovered from freezing thanks to the heat power of the oven, so Cracker will tell you that the two people who have kidnapped Pudding are Aokiji and Van Augur.

In other words, it was the doing of the Blackbeard pirates. Smoothie and the others would probably think that it was just Pudding's bad luck and should be left alone.

Because Big Mom has died, it's hard to fight the Yonko without Big Mom.

However, Katakuri would not remain silent and would convince Smoothie and the others to move over to help Pudding.

One Piece 1065 will show the situation on Egghead Island after the cover story.

One Piece 1065: Revealed What Shaka and Dragon Talked About

The other clones of Dr. Vegapunk will appear one by one, after which the real Dr. Vegapunk will also appear.

The real Dr. Vegapunk is an old man who is now sickly. No wonder, in the previous chapters, Shaka told Dragon that Dr. Vegapunk would die soon.

The condition of Dr. Vegapunk at this time is already very alarming because he is very old.

Then the conversation between Shaka and Dragon through den den mushi will be shown as the continuation.

There are several topics that will be briefly discussed. When Dr. Vegapunk dies, there will be many valuable things on Egghead Island that will become the property of the Revolutionaries.

Dr. Vegapunk does have links to Dragon and the Revolutionary Army, though it's not clear exactly what that connection is.

It's possible that Dr Vegapunk is a secret member of the Revolutionary Army or that he is an alliance member of the Revolutionary forces.

Dr. Vegapunk trusts Dragon, so many valuable things will later become Dragon's after Dr. Vegapunk dies.

Thus the discussion of One Piece 1065. This discussion is only for entertainment and theory. It can be true or false, and there is no intention to precede the actual content of the story.

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