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One Piece 1065 Spoiler: Luffy Will Kill CP0, Vegapunk Changed By Bonney To Be Younger


 One Piece chapter 1064 Law managed to stab Blackbeard in his stomach with his Ope Ope no Mi awakening ability.

The next chapter 1065 will likely feature Law and Blackbeard's fight.

Although the attack was strong enough, it could not bring down the sea emperor. Law's attack only invites laughter for Blackbeard.

The previous chapter also revealed that the perpetrators of Pudding's kidnapping were Van Augur and Aokiji.

On Egghead Island, Luffy and Chopper are getting older while Bonney and Jinbei are kids.

This is done by Jewelry Bonney to avoid robot attacks. After that Bonney made everyone back to normal.

Then in One Piece chapter 1064 Lilith brought Team Zoro to get more modern clothes like the style on Egghead Island.

At the end of One Piece chapter 1064 Punk 01 Shaka talks to Dragon through Den Den Mushi and reveals Vegapunk will die.

One Piece 1065 spoiler prediction will later show information about the technology that Vegapunk always uses to communicate with Monkey D Dragon without being detected.

It is possible that One Piece 1065 will display information on the relationship between the Revolutionary Army and Vegapunk.

In One Piece chapter 1065, the relationship between Dragon and Vegapunk will be explained whether it is as a Revolutionary member or just affiliated.

However, looking at One Piece 1064 when Shaka contacted Dragon and spoke, it was implied in their way of speaking that Dragon and Doctor Vegapunk had a good relationship.

In One Piece 1065 later the reason Vegapunk will die will be revealed, apparently not because of his age but because he knows CP Zero will kill him.

But one interesting thing here in One Piece chapter 1065 CP Zero will not be able to touch Vegapunk because the Straw Hats will not stay still.

Considering the strength of Luffy and our friends is so terrible then CP Zero will not move let alone attack the real Vegapunk.

Not to mention the technology created by Vegapunk which must have been designed to protect it, of course, it will not be easy to touch the scientist.

In addition, Dragon will fight from Vegapunk's side and it will increase the power of protection and it can be ascertained if that happens CP Zero will suffer a crushing defeat.

And in One Piece chapter 1064 Eichiiro Oda gave a little hint that Bonney has the ability to turn someone old or young again.

Even though Bonney is angry with Vegapunk, as he said he will find an answer as to why his father was turned into a Cyborg and Vegapunk will explain.

That it was Kuma's own desire to be the object of research considering that Kuma was a Shichibukai at that time and was loyal to the World Government.

Well Bonney will then accept the reason or answer from Vegapunk and maybe he will forgive him.

Vegapunk is said to be an old man, but he is so intelligent and useful to the Revolutionary group.

Dragon will ask Luffy to persuade Bonney to turn Vegapunk young again with his abilities.

It is certain that in One Piece chapter 1065 after Vegapunk becomes young again he will make a plan with the Revolutionary Army and the Straw Hats to take one big step in overthrowing the One Piece World Government.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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