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One Piece: Interesting Facts About Heart Pirates, Submarines, and Unique Powers Competing with Blackbeard 

One Piece: Interesting Facts About Heart Pirates, Submarines, and Unique Powers Competing with Blackbeard

One Piece is still a manga series that many fans are waiting for every Sunday. 

In chapter 1063, we are shown the Heart Pirates, led by Trafalgar Law, being attacked by the Blackbeard pirate group.

At that time, fans thought that the Heart Pirate group were weak pirates, except for the captain. 

So, the fans assume they are a burden for Trafalgar Law, who can only depend on his captain.

However, who would have thought that in chapter 1064 things would turn around? 

The teamwork carried out by the Heart Pirates is so amazing that it makes Blackbeard and his crew nervous. 

Moreover, this pirate group looks very strong in the ocean due to the role of one of its members, Shachi.

Finally, we know why the law is often angry at the Straw Hat pirates who fight at will. 

Because Trafalgar Law and his crew always fight together.

But how did this incredibly compact group of pirates come to be? 

What is the reason?

Check out various facts about Heart Pirates in this article!

One Piece: Interesting Facts About Heart Pirates, Submarines, and Unique Powers Competing with Blackbeard

The Origins of Heart Pirates

The Heart Pirates are one of the new pirate groups introduced in the One Piece series.

This group hails from the North Blue region. 

They first appeared in the Sabaody arc, along with other young pirate groups such as the Straw Hats, Kid, Firetank, and so on. 

They all came to be known as the Worst Generation.

The leader or captain of the Heart Pirates himself is Trafalgar D. Water Law. 

The Law is an interesting and phenomenal figure, where he has the power of a very valuable devil fruit, the Ope Ope no Mi.

After his introduction in the Sabaody arc, Law and the Heart Pirates were also heavily involved in various important storylines. 

For example, they are important characters from the Dressrosa arc.

After that, they then formed an alliance with the Straw Hats, the Mink tribe, and others. 

Then, most recently, of course, they were involved in a long story in the Wano arc.

Speaking of Heart Pirates, this pirate group has been founded for quite some time. 

However, unfortunately, there is no information on when exactly this group was founded.

In fact, as we know so far, the Heart Pirates itself was formed by 4 people. 

They are Bepo, Shachi, Penguin, and Law. 

At the age of 13, Law went to Swallow Island, where he met Bepo, who was being bullied by Shachi and Penguin.

Law then saves Bepo by defeating them both. 

The defeat actually made Penguin and Shachi amazed and interested in joining the law.

In Law's novel, they lived together on Swallow Island. 

There were various interesting stories that emerged from the four characters. 

Over time, they eventually formed a pirate group. 

After successfully going to Paradise, they finally arrived at Sabaody.

We Don't Have Many Crews

Just like some other pirate groups, the Heart Pirates don't have a large crew. 

From what is known so far, the number of crew they have is likely only 21 people. 

Oda has revealed the names of only about 9–10 people. 

Meanwhile, there are still several other crew members whose names are still a big mystery.

The Heart Pirates are also not a pirate group that has allies or anything. 

This pirate group only formed an alliance when working with the Straw Hat pirate group, the Mink tribe, and others.

The Heart Pirates themselves are famous for the uniforms they wear. 

They appear to be wearing uniforms similar to the workers at Tequila Wolf, with Bepo wearing the most striking colors.

One Piece: Interesting Facts About Heart Pirates, Submarines, and Unique Powers Competing with Blackbeard

Not a Pirate!

An interesting fact about the Heart Pirates is that most of the Heart Pirates crew have medical abilities. 

They are assistants to Law, who often helps him in handling various operations.

In addition, most of them are not pirates or related to pirates. 

Only Jean Bart and Law have prior experience as pirates.

Indeed, it must be admitted that the strength level of the Heart Pirates crew is not as strong and powerful as other crews, such as the Straw Hat crew. 

Of all the existing crew, it can be counted on the fingers of the crew who have tremendous power. 

They are Shachi, Bepo, and Penguin. 

They are the strongest characters in the group. But, indeed, this makes sense because they do not cross the ocean with ships.

Not Riding a Ship

The fact that is no less interesting than this group is how the Heart Pirates are so far the only pirate group that has not sailed the ship. 

They sailed the ocean in a submarine called Polar Tang.

In terms of size, the ship is not too big, much like a pirate ship in general. 

Indeed, this is probably in accordance with the pirate crew, which numbered no more than tens of people.

Although small, it is proven that one of his crew, Jean Bart, who has the largest body size, still fits on his ship. 

Polar Tang was created by Wolf on Swallow Island, an island in the North Blue region. 

He purposely built it from his own money, which he got after finding the treasure belonging to Captain Ladoga.

Based on information from the novel, this ship originally had the name "Invisible Hanamaru." Wolf's goal in building this submarine is to protect the island without people knowing. 

At the end of the story, Wolf gives the submarine to Law after he helps him defeat the enemy. 

Law then made the Polar Tang his operational ship.

Although the concept is a submarine, there is also a section similar to a ship on the top. 

So, they can still enjoy the vast ocean from the surface. 

Polar Tang is a ship that has complete medical equipment as well as an operating room. 

This was proven when Law saved Luffy, who was injured after the battle at Marineford.

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