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One Piece: Vegapunk is Luffy's Mother?

One Piece: Vegapunk is Luffy's Mother?

The latest chapter of One Piece shows one of the most mysterious figures in the One Piece series - Dr Vegapunk!

Most shockingly, it was shown that Dr Vegapunk was a woman!

It is still not certain whether the female figure who appeared in front of Nami and friends is Dr. Vegapunk.

Moreover, he is only one of the 6 clones of the original Dr. Vegapunk.

However, with the appearance of Dr. Vegapunk with a female figure, a wild theory has again emerged that once stated that Dr. Vegapunk was Luffy's biological mother!

What's even more interesting is that during the One Piece series, there were several incidents that hinted that Dr Vegapunk was Luffy's biological mother.

According to information from various sources, here are some clues that indicate a high possibility that Dr. Vegapunk is Luffy's biological mother.

First, there is a moment where it is known that during the time skip Bartholomew Kuma guarded the Straw Hat Pirates' ship - Sunny Go - for two years!

Interestingly, by that time Bartholomew Kuma's memory had completely disappeared, and he had been transformed into a complete pacifista.

So, how can Bartholomew Kuma keep Sunny Go?

Shortly before entering Fishman Island, Franky, who first arrived on the Sunny Go Ship, directly met Bartholomew Kuma who was already battered for guarding Sunny Go.

Franky recounted the incident to Luffy and friends and speculated that Bartholomew Kuma was probably set to guard Sunny Go until one of the Straw Hat Pirates arrived there.

All One Piece fans know that it was Dr Vegapunk who programmed Bartholomew Kuma to become a pacifista.

Even though Bartholomew Kuma begged Dr. Vegapunk to be allowed to keep Sunny Go, but if Dr. Vegapunk hadn't programmed it in such a way, of course it wouldn't have happened!

Obviously this is a clear indication that Dr. Vegapunk seems to have an emotional attachment to one of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Yet he had never been shown to have met them.

However, since Luffy is the captain, this is the basis for speculation that Dr. Vegapunk is Luffy's biological mother.

One Piece: Vegapunk is Luffy's Mother?

Second, when Bartholomew Kuma was rescued by Sabo et al and taken to Kamabakka Island.

In fact Bartholomew Kuma is able to take orders from Monkey D Dragon, even though he is a perfect pacifista.

This can be seen in One Piece 1059.

There is speculation that Bartholomew Kuma was programmed to obey orders from the World Government, the Tenryuubito, and the Navy, but was also programmed to obey Monkey D Dragon's orders.

Interestingly, in One Piece 1059 it is shown that it seems Monkey D Dragon already knows this.

This is the basis for speculation that Dr Vegapunk has a relationship with Monkey D Dragon, it is not impossible that she is the wife of Monkey D Dragon.

Third, there is speculation that one of the reasons why Dr. Vegapunk created Seraphim in the form of a child, because he really misses his son who has been separated from him since childhood.

Although this doesn't directly refer to Luffy, the fact that he has been separated from his parents since he was a baby makes fans associate Dr Vegapunk.

Well, is it true that Dr. Vegapunk is Luffy's biological mother?

Let's look forward to the next chapters!

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