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One Piece 1065 Reddit Spoiler: Two Clues Revealed from Eiichiro Oda, Vegapunk Is a Member of the Dragon Squad

The emergence of Dr. Vegapunk at this time still holds so many mysteries.

Eiichiro Oda has just given two hints for the One Piece manga 1065 which will be released next week.

One of the clues to One Piece 1065 is most likely related to the secret of the Vegapunk doctor.

In One Piece 1065 it will most likely be revealed that Vegapunk's doctor is Monkey D's subordinate

The two clues from Oda are known to have been revealed via Reddit by one of the leakers.

The first clue is a picture showing busy people.

The picture also shows several wall clocks that are being repaired by several people.

This first image seems to show the busyness that will be seen on Egghead Island. Surely on that future island there will be many scientists at work.

This will be seen when the Straw Hat crew enters the main gate to Vegapunk's laboratory.

Moreover, the Straw Hat crew has changed clothes in the last chapter, so in chapter 1065 they will enter the main lab.

Various advanced technologies that will spoil the eyes of fans will allegedly be shown as well.

As for the clock image, it looks like Oda wants to reveal surprising facts about Vegapunk's laboratory.
The laboratory owned by the genius scientist seemed to have a time difference with the outside world.

With such a concept they will have more time to make many discoveries.

Maybe even the time difference is also one of the reasons why Egghead Island is called the island of the future.

Furthermore, the second clue from Oda is a picture showing the happy expression of someone whose theory has been proven correct.

That shows that chapter 1065 will confirm the truth of a theory that has been circulating.
This theory is a theory that is quite old in the One Piece community.

Fans believe that the theory is most likely about the Vegapunk doctor who is a member of the Revolutionary Army.

This is supported by the fact that in the last chapter Vegapunk spoke with Dragon.

In fact, the two seem to have known each other for a long time. The theory is known to have existed since the early timeskip.

Just as Vegapunk had programmed Kuma who was a member of the Revolutionary Army to guard the Thousand Sunny.

Those are the two latest clues regarding Dr. Vegapunk.

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