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One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Luffy Will Destroy Egg Head Island?

One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Luffy Will Destroy Egg Head Island?

Egg Head Island is the new location for the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hats in the One Piece manga series. 

After leaving Wano, the fans began to wonder where they were going. 

Many fans guessed that Elbaf would be the next destination. 

However, in chapter 1061 yesterday, we finally found out that Egg Head Island was our next destination.

In the chapter it was revealed that Egg Head Island is an island belonging to the World Government. 

It is also the island where the genius scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, doing various research. 

Many advanced and modern technologies emerged on the island, which later became the reason why this island has the nickname “the island of the next 500 years.”

And in chapter 1062 yesterday, we even saw more about how powerful Egg Head Island was with Vegapunk's discoveries. 

Even so, there is interesting speculation that explains the possibility that Luffy will destroy this island. Why? 

Because, the epic battle with the CP-0 group who is after the life of the Vegapunk figure.

CP-0's appearance on Egg Head Island

One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Luffy Will Destroy Egg Head Island?

Chapter 1062 reveals how the World Government sent three CP-0 agents – Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy – on a grand mission. They received orders to kill the scientist, Dr. Vegapunk. 

What later became the reason Vegapunk became the target of the World Government is still a mystery. 

In fact, the three of them were wondering about this.

Some fans think that Vegapunk made a big mistake and took actions that they considered as a form of resistance or defecting. 

There are also those who argue that Vegapunk knows too much about the big secrets of the World Government. 

In order to keep the secret, they decided to kill Vegapunk's life.

Although there has been no confirmation, but the possibility of meeting CP-0 and Luffy's group is very large. 

In his speculations, Luffy and Rob Lucci ended up fighting again. 

He tries to take revenge for his defeat at Enies Lobby. 

On the other hand, Kaku and Stussy will fight against Jinbe, Bonney, and Chopper. 

Considering that it had been more than two years, their power level would have been different.

The rematch between Rob Lucci and Luffy is predicted to be very epic thanks to the increase in strength. 

And with this epic battle going on, the effect is how chaos and destruction will inevitably emerge. 

The existence of Seraphim Kuma, can also further add to the destruction and chaos that exists. 

Although the Seraphim does not have the power of a devil fruit, but of course the destruction that appears can be quite extraordinary.

The Navy's Emergence

One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Luffy Will Destroy Egg Head Island?

In chapter 1061 we saw the fact that the island of Egg Head is actually close to one of the G-14 naval bases. 

There were several members of SWORD as well as other marines, such as Tashigi, Hibari, Prince Grus, and others. 

Not to mention, there are also other Seraphim that they can deploy to control the situation in Egg Head.

The epic battle between CP-0 and Luffy's group will certainly attract the attention of the navy, where they will immediately deploy troops. 

This means that the battle will not only occur between Luffy's group and CP-0, but also the involvement of the navy. 

In fact, it's not impossible if then the fight will be three-way: Luffy's group and SWORD vs CP-0.

Although the scale will not be as large as the battle on Onigashima, it is certain that the fight on Egg Head Island will cause great chaos. 

Luffy may not be deploying Gear 5 for this battle, but his Gear 4 will certainly bring tremendous destructive power.

On the other hand, the destruction of this island can also be a warning to the World Government about Luffy's increasingly real threat.

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