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One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits With Terrible Side Effects!

One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits With Terrible Side Effects!

Having the power of a devil fruit in the One Piece story is something very extraordinary. 

Devil fruit eaters will have a very powerful power. 

There has been a lot of evidence of the awesomeness of the devil fruit as we can see from several strong characters. 

Having the power of a devil fruit is also a distinct advantage for its users. 

Because, their strength will increase drastically.

However, even though they gain a very drastic power, like things in real life, there is a negative side or bad impact that these devil fruit users must feel. 

There are those who have to feel tremendous pain, until there are also those who have to give up their lives for the devil fruit. 

Here are some devil fruits that have terrible side effects.

1. Ope Ope No Mi

One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits With Terrible Side Effects!

The Ope Ope no mi devil fruit is one of the most extraordinary devil fruits featured in the One Piece story. 

One of the most extraordinary things that users receive is immortality. 

In addition to being able to perform operations, medical actions, and other powers, the user can also live eternally thanks to his devil fruit.

Despite being able to provide tremendous power and present other "miracle", there is a price to be paid by the user. 

According to information in the story, when the user decides to overuse this power, their lives will be reduced. 

In addition, when Law decides to carry out the Immortal Operation, then he must be willing to sacrifice his immortality for others.

2. Doku Doku No Mi

One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits With Terrible Side Effects!

The warden of Impel Down, Magellan, has a terrible devil fruit power where he can turn into deadly poison. 

This is because of the Doku Doku no Mi devil fruit, a Paramecia type devil fruit that allows him to manipulate and create poison. 

Magellan usually creates a thick layer of poison to protect him from various attacks.

This Paramecia devil fruit also makes Magellan difficult to defeat.

The tremendous power of Magellan's poison had a terrible side effect where he had to experience indigestion. 

And the terrible thing is that Magellan will feel these side effects continuously. 

We can see this when Magellan first appears in the story.

3. Yami Yami No Mi

One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits With Terrible Side Effects!

The most powerful Logia-type devil fruit, Yami Yami, is a devil fruit that is now in the hands of Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard. 

He stole it from his own partner, Thatch. 

This devil fruit gives the user the ability to control or turn into darkness. 

The Yami Yami devil fruit is considered the other strongest devil fruit for the Logia type, due to its formidable abilities.

However, despite having a very powerful power, in fact Yami Yami also has terrible side effects on its users. 

Based on Oda Sensei's explanation, this devil fruit user will feel tremendous pain, especially when exposed to physical attacks. 

In fact, the pain was many times over. Indeed, Yami Yami also has the power to absorb pain. 

But, in fact, he still felt excruciating pain when hit. His life could have been lost due to the pain.

4. Baku Baku No Mi

One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits With Terrible Side Effects!

Wapol is one of the underrated or underrated villain characters. 

Naturally, because there are several factors or reasons why Wapol is not considered as a villain. 

Wapol is a user of the Baku Baku no Mi devil fruit, a Paramecia-type fruit where he can chew and swallow anything into his body.

Although the power of this devil fruit makes Wapol a terrible person, his power is very limited and depends on what Wapol eats. 

On the other hand, Wapol continues to feel hungry so he can't stop eating. 

Often this Wapol's strength does not give him an advantage, especially if he has to face a much stronger enemy.

5. Hito Hito No Mi

One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits With Terrible Side Effects!

Etymologically from the word, Hito Hito no Mi can be interpreted as the fruit of a human being. 

In Japanese, Hito means human or person. 

Hito Hito no Mi is included in the Zoan type. 

This devil fruit makes anyone who eats it become a human or a person. 

Actually there is still no detailed explanation of how the effects will appear if the one who eats this fruit is a human.

Oda Sensei himself still hasn't provided detailed information about this devil fruit. 

However, the most recent is that Oda presents the biggest weakness of his devil fruit. 

In the booklet Road To Laugh Tale, Oda explains that the biggest weakness of Hito Hito no Mi users is how they will lose their personality. 

Possibly this can happen because the devil fruit is considered to have a "mind" of their own.

Devil Fruits do give extraordinary powers and something unique to those who consume them. 

However, realize it or not, in fact devil fruit also has very terrible side effects. 

Even so, it seems that those who eat the devil fruit have understood the risks and decided to accept the risks.

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