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One Piece: Who is Luffy's Enemy in the Vegapunk Arc?

One Piece: Who is Luffy's Enemy in the Vegapunk Arc?

After finishing with the longest arc in the series, the Wano arc, now fans will start seeing a new storyline. 

The Straw Hat crew started to enter a new adventure since chapter 1058 after they left Wano. 

After being a mystery, finally the purpose of the next island was revealed in chapter 1061 yesterday. 

The Straw Hats are going on an adventure on the island of Egg Head.

The island is the base for Dr. Vegapunk. 

In fact, everything on this island is very sophisticated and modern. 

Egg Head itself has the nickname of the island 500 years to come. 

With the start of a new storyline, the question then is who will Luffy and the Straw Hats face next? 

There are several possibilities for this.


One Piece: Who is Luffy's Enemy in the Vegapunk Arc?

Sentomaru is one of the strong and skilled marnie. 

He has a large and tall physical form and has a stubborn nature. 

He is also a skilled user of Busoshoku Haki aka Armament Haki, and is able to increase his immunity and also make himself a very strong shield. 

Sentomaru last appeared to face off against the Straw Hats in the Sabaody arc.

At that time, the two fought each other where Luffy had grown stronger after the timeskip. 

The fight against Sentomaru is one thing that will resolve their previous dispute. 

The reason, at that time, Sentomaru himself had not managed to fight Luffy because of Rayleigh's appearance. 

Considering he was the one in charge of the Pacifistas, it made sense that he was on Egg Head Island. 

Sentomaru can also be a formidable opponent by taking advantage of Vegapunk's various inventions.


One Piece: Who is Luffy's Enemy in the Vegapunk Arc?

The appearance of Seraphim in chapter 1059 yesterday is certainly the beginning for the next appearance of this latest Pacifista model. 

As revealed in the chapter, Seraphim is a development of the previous Pacifista model. 

This is the latest Pacifista model that is stronger, more agile, and of course much more terrifying than the Kuma model.

How the Seraphim was able to destroy Amazon Lily, then how Blackbeard also seemed worried about the Seraphim, and how the Kuja pirates were unable to do much are evidence of how powerful this Pacifista is. 

Based on this, Seraphim can certainly be the next opponent of Luffy and the Straw Hats.


One Piece: Who is Luffy's Enemy in the Vegapunk Arc?

As Bonney explained in chapter 1061, Egg Head Island is the property of the World Government. 

Which later became the base of Vegapunk's various research activities. 

On the other hand, the chapter also shows how near Egg Head is the G-14 naval post. 

This meant that it didn't take them long to arrive at Egg Head if needed.

For now, the existence of the figure of Luffy and the Straw Hats may still be unknown to them. 

However, as the story progresses and the emergence of many events, it is not impossible if they are finally detected by the marine. 

Apart from the troops from G-14, the worst thing they will face is the appearance of admirals such as Aramaki.


One Piece: Who is Luffy's Enemy in the Vegapunk Arc?

Although the chance is small, it is not impossible if Im will appear and become an opponent for Luffy. 

This fight will be a testament to the awesomeness of Im's figure, and why then he can become the ruler of the world. 

After seeing what happened to Sabo, maybe Im will take immediate action after finding out that Luffy is on Egg Head island.

Im certainly not going to do the same with Lulusia kingdom, but he could have done other horrible acts. For example using his other powers that are no less terrible. 

There are two possible scenarios. 

First, Luffy will lose and get back up and they will fight again at the end of the story. Second, no one loses or wins. 

However, finally Luffy and everyone know who Im is which the peak of the fight will occur at the end of the series. 


One Piece: Who is Luffy's Enemy in the Vegapunk Arc?

The name Vegapunk is the main focus in this latest arc. 

The reason is, after a long time the fans have been waiting for its appearance, this finally happened in chapter 1061 yesterday. 

Even so, his appearance itself became a controversy among fans because some believed that the figure that appeared in the chapter was not the original Vegapunk, but a clone or artificial human.

Until now we still don't know what Vegapunk really looks like. 

In chapter 1061 itself, it appears that Vegapunk is helping the Straw Hat crew who is about to be eaten by a giant robot shark. 

However, what if the genius scientist is actually evil? 

What if Vegapunk actually had bad intentions? 

Seeing what happened in Punk Hazard before, the fight against Vegapunk is not impossible.

This latest arc from the One Piece manga series will certainly present many things that are no less interesting than the previous story. 

This is considering how the series has entered its final phase, and Oda himself promises many epic moments in this final phase. 

It will be interesting to see who will be Luffy's next opponent on Egg Head Island.

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