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Black Clover Chapter 340 Spoilers: Asta is Taught an Important Lesson from Ichika

Black Clover Chapter 340 Spoiler: Asta is Taught an Important Lesson

Black Clover's Theory and Prediction Chapter 340, Asta is given an important lesson from Yami's sister (Ichika).

Black Clover 340 will show Asta being focused and practicing more.

Asta is in Yami's hometown where in the region there are seven of the country's best fighters so it will be unstoppable.

Yami's sister is really stingy. He teaches Asta proper etiquette, and forgets his place in this unknown land.

Although very intense, he showed a very deep loyalty to the Shogun. 

We might see some of its backstory in Black Clover Manga 340.

In Black Clover 340, Asta and Liebe, probably train together to perfect their union.

If they managed to achieve perfect form, fighting Lucius would become easier.

What did the Shogun do?

Asta is shocked to meet captain Yami's younger sister who never talks about him.

People around gathered to talk about the stranger and his strange appearance.

The Shogun decided to keep them out of the public eye. He took them to see Liebe, who was being treated.

Black Clover 340 might show how Asta and Liebe can improve further by training here.

What happened to Liebe and Asta?

Black Clover Chapter 340 Spoiler: Asta is Taught an Important Lesson

Liebe was quite injured from that fight. However, thanks to Fumito's treatment, he recovered well.

Although it took longer because the latter had never treated a demon.

We noticed that Fumito's house was quite strange because the fish were flying in the open.

When the group decides to cook a meal by Fumito, Asta asks Ryudo to send him home.

He is desperate to return even though Ryudo warns him that he can't do much against Lucius like he is now.

Ryudo's words seem like a whirlwind as Asta is filled with thoughts of saving Sister.

Just then Yami's sister comes and slaps Asta. 

He told her to show gratitude to Ryudo for saving her.

Up until now, Asta had only thrown his life away. 

Black Clover 340 will show Asta listening to Ryudo and making himself a better knight.

What is Heavenly Severance?

The first skill he would learn was Heavenly Severance. 

Since he was defeated by Lucius, Asta's best bet is to end the fight quickly.

That's where this will come in handy. 

Asta is told about Ki, the basic energy that everyone has.

Using Ki, Asta must focus and release all of his anti-magic at once.

Yami's sister demonstrates it first, showing incredible speed and strength. 

Asta tries the same thing and ends up making the tree wither.

In Black Clover 340, Asta will continue to train. 

He had a lot to learn from Ryuzen Seven.

In this unknown land, he must surpass his limits and become stronger to save the world from Lucius.

The raw scan of Black Clover chapter 340 is expected to release on October 6, 2022.

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