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One Piece 1062 Reddit Spoiler: Luffy Must Use Pluton and Poseidon to Defeat Im Sama

Many One Piece fans agree that the attack that Im Sama launched on the Lulusia Kingdom was using one of the ancient weapons, namely Uranus.

Although this is still a topic of discussion among One Piece fans, if it is true that the ancient weapon of Uranus is indeed in Im Sama, then this certainly implies danger for those who oppose.

Luffy as a character who is predicted to face Im Sama in the final battle of the One Piece world, is said to have to activate two other ancient weapons; Pluton and Posseidon to be able to face Im Sama.

Then, what is the right reason that Luffy really needs Pluton and Posseidon to be able to defeat Im Sama?

So far, Eiichiro Oda has only clearly revealed two of the three ancient weapons, namely Pluton and Posseidon.

However, yesterday's One Piece chapter 1060 showed how Im Sama was able to destroy a kingdom called the Lulusia Kingdom, just by crossing out the location of the Lulusia Kingdom on the One Piece world map.

A moment later, a giant ball of lightning appeared in the sky of the Lulusia Kingdom, and immediately fell onto the Lulusia Kingdom which made it completely destroyed.

Many One Piece fans agree that Im Sama destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom, by utilizing the power of the ancient weapon Uranus.

Well, along with the strengthening of the assumption that the power used by Im Sama to destroy the Lulusia Kingdom was Uranus, another assumption emerged that there was a possibility that the three ancient weapons could neutralize/defeat each other.

So how can Uranus, Pluton and Posseidon be said to be neutralizing each other?

First, it is strongly suspected that Uranus is only capable of shooting from above (sky) down.

Therefore, Uranus is said to be able to defeat Posseidon or the Sea Kings, because they cannot move freely on land or even in the sky.

So with Uranus shot Posseidon who was in the sea.

However, Posseidon is said to be able to defeat Pluton which is said to be in the form of a warship.

Assuming that Pluton is not a submarine, Posseidon can attack from under Pluton.

Then, Pluton itself is said to be able to defeat Uranus.

Isn't Pluton also under the sky; where Uranus is, and so far not mentioned Pluton can fly like Enel's ship?

True, but it is assumed that Pluton has a cannon-like weapon with tremendous power that can shoot upwards like a cannon that can be aimed anywhere; except right under the hull.

This is the theory that forms the basis for the assumption that the three ancient weapons; Uranus, Pluton, and Posseidon are said to have defeated each other.

Luffy needs to activate Pluton and Posseidon

Interestingly, Luffy et al so far are the Pirate group that knows the exact location of Pluton and Posseidon; Caribou of course also included because unexpectedly managed to steal information.

In the Wano Arc, Luffy insisted that he didn't need Pluton.

However, there are many speculations that inevitably, in the end Luffy will activate Pluton and Posseidon in the Ryugu Kingdom to be able to defeat Im Sama.

It could be that in the battle against Im Sama later, Eiichiro Oda will make things dramatic with a situation that forces Luffy to take Pluton and Posseidon.

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