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Boruto: Jougan Is The Most Powerful Doujutsu?

Boruto: Jougan Is The Most Powerful Doujutsu?

Jougan is still one of the big mysteries that appears in the Boruto series: Naruto Next Generations. 

Since it first appeared, this Doujutsu only appeared a few times in the story. 

In addition to his rare appearance, fans still don't know a lot of facts and information about Jougan. 

For example, we don't know where the Doujutsu came from.

Due to the many mysteries that arise, Uzumaki Boruto's exclusive Doujutsu is still a topic of discussion among fans. 

Even so, there are many theories and speculations that have sprung up regarding Jougan. 

For example, Jougan is a Doujutsu given by Toneri Otsutsuki when Hinata was kidnapped in one of the films in the Naruto franchise.

There is also speculation that Boruto's Doujutsu appeared due to the meeting of two Otsutsuki chakras in his body, namely Asura Otsutsuki's chakra and Hamura Otsutsuki's chakra. 

Although there are those who try to guess where the origins of Jougan are unfortunately, there is still not a single theory or speculation that has been proven or confirmed by Masashi Kishimoto.

Speaking of Jougan, until now Masashi Kishimoto still hasn't shown how the maximum ability of this Doujutsu is or we still haven't seen how Boruto awakens his abilities. 

There is still no information what later became the reason or cause of this. 

However, there is an interesting theory about this.

Jougan Is The Strongest Doujutsu?

Boruto: Jougan Is The Most Powerful Doujutsu?

In the story in the Naruto universe, we certainly know some of the strongest Doujutsu. 

For geeks who don't know, Doujutsu itself is a Jutsu or eye ability. Some of these powerful Doujutsu are Byakugan, Sharingan, and also Rinnegan. 

Even so, there are also several Doujutsu that are no less powerful such as Ketsuryugan, Senrigan, and so on.

Many fans think that Jougan is the strongest Doujutsu because, in fact in the Boruto story, Kishimoto shows that the three strong Doujutsu above are defeated by Jougan. 

In the story it is explained that Jougan is a Doujutsu that comes from "pure" power. 

That is, in contrast to other Doujutu which are the result of a combination of chakra, Jougan really comes from the ancient race, namely the Otsutsuki.

Toneri himself once mentioned that Jougan is a Doujutsu that really makes the Otsutsuki clan a lot of trouble. 

In fact, in one of the chapters we can see how Jougan appears in the figure of God Otsutsuki when Isshiki gives an explanation to Code. 

Another reason why Jougan is the strongest Doujutsu is the power that comes or Boruto has with this Doujutsu.

One of the strengths of Doujutsu Jougan is to teleport between dimensions. 

Boruto once did this to the Nue dimension. 

Teleporting is not an ability that everyone can master. 

In Naruto's story, this is an ability for those who have the Rinnegan. 

Sasuke is a vivid example of this.

Then, Jougan is also able to see the enemy's weak point.

This ability is similar to the Doujutsu Byakugan technique. 

The Hyuuga Clan is the owner of the Doujutsu. 

They have long had a technique to see the weak points or chakra points of the enemy, which is their greatest ability. 

By attacking these chakra points, they try to stop the flow of chakra or even injure the enemy.


Boruto: Jougan Is The Most Powerful Doujutsu?

Based on the explanation above, it is natural that Jougan was then able to defeat the three most popular and strongest Doujutsu in the Naruto universe. 

The reason is, Jougan has all the power of the three Doujutsu. 

This is also the reason why Jougan becomes the strongest Doujutsu, because the user will be able to have tremendous power which is a combination of the three Doujutsu.

However, what has emerged so far in the story must still be a small part of Jougan's true potential. 

The fans are certainly very curious about what the maximum ability of these extraordinary eyes looks like. 

With Boruto now ready to face Code, as well as Momoshiki's threat, maybe we're starting to see Jougan's true potential.

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