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One Piece: What's Dragon's Devil Fruit Name?

One Piece: What's Dragon's Devil Fruit Name?

The One Piece series has been running for more than two decades and until now the series is still one of the most popular series. 

This work by Eiichiro Oda presents a lot of interesting characters in the story. 

For example, we know the figure of Monkey D. Luffy who is the main protagonist in the series. 

Then, we also get to know the characters Zoro, Sanji, Kaido, and many others.

Even so, there are many characters that are still a mystery to this day even though Oda has been around for quite a while. One of them is Monkey D. Dragon. 

Luffy's father and Garp's son is one of the big question marks that appears in the series. 

Many fans are curious about the figure of Dragon, because of his reputation as the most wanted figure in the world.

They are curious, what then makes Dragon the most wanted person in the world. In addition, what also makes fans curious is about the strength he has. 

How strong are Dragons? 

Does he have devil fruit powers? 

Does he have Haki powers? 

That's what the fans are asking. 

However, unfortunately, Oda still has not provided any information.

Dragon Is a Devil Fruit User?

One Piece: What's Dragon's Devil Fruit Name?

Many theories have emerged to try to explain the power of Monkey D. Dragon. 

Some say that Dragon is a devil fruit user. And again fans are speculating about what devil fruit Dragon might have. 

One of the most widely heard speculations or theories is that Dragon's devil fruit is called Thunderbird, a Mythical Zoan devil fruit.

According to legend, whenever and wherever the Thunderbird is there will be a storm that welcomes its arrival. 

This is in accordance with what happened to the figure of Monkey D. Dragon, where every time he appeared there would always be a storm, as happened in Loguetown. 

I don't know what Dragon meant by doing this. 

However, this is what later became the basis of speculation that he might have a devil fruit power that is able to control the weather.

Then, why is the Thunderbird Devil Fruit supposed to be a Dragon Devil Fruit? 

This reflects on the figure of Oda Sensei. 

If you refer to Eiichiro Oda who likes mystical and mythological things, it is also possible that Dragon has a mythical Zoan type devil fruit in the form of Thunderbird. 

According to available information, the Thunderbird is a mythological creature from Native American tribes (Indians, Navajos, and so on) who is able to control the weather.

In addition, Thunderbird is also able to transform into a human, which is in line with how the Zoan-type devil fruit works where humans can turn into their animal or hybrid forms. 

When viewed from any character design, Dragon looks similar to one of the Native American tribes. And this is also one of the big clues of his speculation.

Connection with Sky Islanders

One Piece: What's Dragon's Devil Fruit Name?

What's also interesting is that there are other speculations that say that the Dragon fruit has a connection with the sky island. One of the most prominent clues is the tattoo on his face. 

If you look closely, the tattoos used by Dragon are similar to those of the American Indian tribes. 

The name of the Indian tribal tattoo is Windows Peak and is a common attribute of Indian tribes.

According to various sources, the Indians are the original inhabitants of the American continent and are the original inhabitants who actually inhabited the continent long before the Europeans came. 

But unfortunately, the Indians received bad treatment from the invaders and eventually had to fight to defend their own homeland.

Unfortunately they lost, in the end America is mostly inhabited by white people from the European continent and black races from the African continent. 

According to a source, the Indians finally lost and were expelled from their own land, namely America, even the victims of the war from the Indian tribes were also quite a lot.

It could be that this equation implies that Dragon wants to free the world from the grip of the World Government, just like the Indians who want to be free from European colonization. 

One of the efforts of the Indians to win the battle is to present a myth about the Thunderbird. 

In the One Piece story, the Indians may represent Oda as the inhabitants of the sky island.

From the tattoos they have, like Wyper who is a resident of Shandora, it looks very similar to the tattoos that Dragon has. 

This is also another point why later Dragon could have connections with the inhabitants of the sky island. 

Has Dragon helped them before? 

Or is the tattoo on Dragon's face a form of respect for them? For now everything is still a mystery.


From the explanation above, we can conclude that Monkey D. Dragon is most likely a devil fruit user. 

And the devil fruit he has is a Mythical Zoan, namely Thunderbird. 

This mythological animal-inspired devil fruit has the power to control the weather, which is very similar to what Dragon has been doing so far.

In addition, this speculation about the Thunderbird devil fruit opens another possibility or speculation if Dragon might have connections with the inhabitants of the sky island. 

However, whether this is true or just speculation remains to be seen.

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