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One Piece: Blackbeard Makes Coby a Exchange Tool to Free Someone, Who is He?

One of the circulating One Piece 1060 speculations stated that Coby who had been caught by Blackbeard was used as a medium of exchange to free one of the important characters in the world of One Piece who is now languishing in Impel Down.

Marshall D Teach, also known as Blackbeard, can be categorized as one of the most popular Villains in the One Piece series.

His greedy, brutal character, and the heart to betray Whitebeard, made Blackbeard one of the characters that One Piece fans hate.

However, One Piece fans agree that maybe Eiichiro Oda will put Blackbeard as Luffy's last opponent in fighting over One Piece's treasure.

However, there is one interesting thing about Blackbeard, which is that every appearance in the One Piece series always creates a new storyline and creates new conflicts.

In the final panel of One Piece 1059, it is shown that Blackbeard failed to take Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit for fear of Rayleigh, finally kidnapping Coby who incidentally was the one who helped him conquer Hachinosu Island.

Yep, Coby and other Marine troops were assigned to go to Amazon Lily to catch Boa Hancock.

However, it was Coby who actually 'became a scapegoat' for Blackbeard for his failure to take Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit.

Previously, there had been speculation that Blackbeard might hand Coby over to the Cross Guild.

As One Piece fans know, the Cross Guild does set a bounty value for each Marine officer; including Coby of course.

However, this theory seems to be debunked.

Logically, with the power of his Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit, it is certainly easy for Blackbeard to catch more than one Marine soldier.

Then, why only Coby was brought by Blackbeard, even though at that time there were also Helmeppo and Vice Admiral Yamakaji?

The reason is because even though Coby's rank is 'only' Captain, the Navy and the whole world know that Coby is the 'Hero of the Rocky Port Incident'.

Coby has a higher 'value' compared to Helmeppo and Vice Admiral Yamakaji though, so it's only natural that Blackbeard brings Coby.

So, for what reason did Blackbeard bring Coby?

The strongest speculation is that Blackbeard will 'take' Doflamingo from Impel Down, and use Coby as a medium of exchange with the Navy.

As One Piece fans know, Doflamingo is now in Impel Down after his defeat against Luffy at Dressrosa.

The Navy will certainly consider saving Coby because he is a valuable asset as a Navy regeneration.

On the other hand, if Blackbeard managed to free Doflamingo from Impel Down and invite him to an alliance, then this would be big news in the world of One Piece.

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