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One Piece 1060: Rayleigh Protects Amazon Lily by Collecting the Remains of Roger's Pirate Crew

After a long time not appearing in the One Piece series, the Dark Lord; Silver Rayleigh, reappeared in One Piece 1059.

Rayleigh's presence on Amazon Lily; The headquarters of the Kuja Pirates group, was able to repel Blackbeard who was known to be after Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit.

Even though he was old, Rayleigh's strength could not be underestimated.

Rayleigh's Haoshoku Haki still feels very strong, even for a Yonkou class.

Rayleigh seems to be proposing to Boa Hancock to meet Luffy to offer himself as part of the alliance, so that the Straw Hat Pirates' jolly roger flag can fly on Amazon Lily; like in Wano.

If Boa Hancock agrees to the proposal, then Amazon Lily will automatically become one of Luffy's and friends' territories.

However, the journey to meet Luffy is not easy because they are currently in the New World, while Boa Hancock is still in the Calm Belt.

Therefore, another speculation is that Rayleigh will gather the remnants of the Roger Pirates' crew to return to making a move, at least protecting Amazon Lily while Boa Hancock is still there.

Boa Hancock herself admits that as long as she is still on Amazon Lily, the island will continue to be targeted by the Marines.

Rayleigh himself admits that at his age now, it is difficult for him to be able to face strong enemies that come in large numbers.

One Piece fans certainly know how terrifying the power of the Seraphim is; the new pacifista model of the SSG unit created by Dr Vegapunk.

It is not impossible, the Navy will continue to send Seraphim to be able to invade Amazon Lily and capture Boa Hancock.

Not to mention a speculation revealed that the Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit belonging to Boa Hancock, was confirmed not to be a random devil fruit.

This is certainly something that Boa Hancock et al must be wary of.

If it's true that Rayeleigh managed to collect Scooper Gaban et al, then at least Amazon Lily will be free from threats.

Not to mention if the wife; Shakky also helped gather the crew of the Kuja Pirates in his era, of course, will further strengthen the battle-ready ranks in Amazon Lily.

Speculation also mentions that Rayleigh and Shakky will accompany Boa Hancock to meet Luffy in New World soon.

While the former crew of the Roger Pirates and the former Kuja Pirates of the Shakky generation, will be tasked with guarding Amazon Lily from potential further attacks from the Marines.

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