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One Piece: Why is Rayleigh on Amazon Lilly?

One Piece: Why is Rayleigh on Amazon Lilly?

The appearance of a legendary figure like Silvers Rayleigh in Amazon Lilly really surprised the fans. No one expected if Rayleigh would return to be involved in an important story in the series. 

However, this also certainly raises a question mark what is the purpose or intent of the arrival of Silvers Rayleigh to Amazon Lilly.

This fact appeared in a leak in yesterday's chapter 1059 where it was revealed that the Amazon Lilly island was in a bad condition. 

They were surrounded both by the navy that Koby led and also unexpectedly the island was attacked by Blackbeard's troops. 

Blackbeard's arrival to the island was to steal Hancock's devil fruit, Mero Mero.

There is still no information on why Blackbeard then targeted the devil fruit. 

In fact, the devil fruit is usually related to a person's desire or lust. Maybe Blackbeard knows something secret that has not been revealed from the devil fruit. 

In this chaotic state, Rayleigh then appeared trying to finish all the battles.

Rayleigh's Appearing Purpose

One Piece: Why is Rayleigh on Amazon Lilly?

Rayleigh's arrival to the Amazon Lilly island doesn't feel like just to finish or stop the war. 

Moreover, he did not come alone to the island.

As it turned out, he came along with his partner, Shakkey. In this chapter it was also revealed that Shakkey turned out to be the former ruler or former leader of Amazon Lilly 2 generations ago.

Based on that, it was possible that Rayleigh's appearance was personal. 

Apart from being Shakkey, Rayleigh also has a deep connection with Hancock and her sisters. 

In the previous chapter, we learned that Hancock and her sister are former slaves of the sky dragons. Luckily, they were able to escape from Mary Geoise.

With their young age, Rayleigh then managed to find the three sisters, who then handed them over to Gloriosa. 

They then grew as we see today.

So it's only natural that Rayleigh then shows up on Amazon Lilly and has a personal motive behind it. 

He probably didn't want the bad things of the past to happen again.

Rayleigh didn't want Hancock and her sister to be held captive, either by the navy or by anyone else. 

Thus, he came and then tried to protect them. 

Basically, what Rayleigh does is similar to the instincts of parents, especially fathers who want to protect their children. 

And with his Haki abilities, Rayleigh seemed to be able to sense the danger.

Rayleigh's worries were finally proven where he later discovered the fact that not only the navy had come and appeared to Amazon Lilly, but also Blackbeard and his army. 

However, an interesting fact later emerged where Rayleigh admitted himself that his current condition did not allow him to be able to face Blackbeard.


One Piece: Why is Rayleigh on Amazon Lilly?

Rayleigh's appearance came as a surprise to everyone.

However, this is not without reason.

She seemed to be able to sense imminent danger or threat in Amazon Lilly which she decided to go there. 

Rayleigh did not want bad things to happen to Hancock and the residents there, especially since Hancock had lost her Shichibukai status.

Rayleigh's arrival also proved able to save Hancock's life from Blackbeard's hands. 

If Rayleigh had not come or appeared, he might have died at the hands of Blackbeard. 

However, the surprising fact was how he admitted that the current Blackbeard was too strong for Rayleigh to defeat.

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