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One Piece: Cross Guild Goals Finally Leaked!


One Piece: Cross Guild Goals Finally Leaked!

A surprising thing is happening in the world of One Piece today. 

If it is usually pirates who are hunted for by the navy, what is happening now is just the opposite. 

The navy is now the hunted. 

Not only by pirates, but by everyone. 

This was revealed in chapter 1056 yesterday, where according to Kid there is now a new organization called Cross Guild.

As we know, the World Government had announced that a new organization had emerged called the Cross Guild. 

According to them, the new Yonko, Buggy, is the leader of the organization. 

What's interesting is that there are several former Shichibukai who join. 

They are Dracule Mihawk and also Crocodile.

However, in fact, it was a mere misunderstanding in which Buggy's men overestimated their leader. 

What actually happened was that it was Crocodile who originally formed this group. 

He wanted to form a group that the pirates would fear. 

And this is the reason why Crocodile then brought along Dracule Mihawk.

The Reason for the Creation of the Cross Guild

One Piece: Cross Guild Goals Finally Leaked!

Although Crocodile already mentioned that he wanted to form an organization that would be feared by the navy, we still don't know what exactly was the reason Crocodile formed the Cross Guild. 

There is an interesting speculation regarding this. 

According to his speculations, the Cross Guild was an organization that was deliberately created to be a moment of "revenge" against the navy.

Crocodile may also deliberately set up this organization for profit, by eliminating the navy. 

The Cross Guild is not a World Government that is willing to pay anyone who manages to get rid of someone else. 

Cross Guild is more of an organization that is paid to get rid of other people. 

In other words, they were an assassin organization where they would carry out missions according to who paid for them.

This is the reason why there is a price and "level of difficulty" in the bounty value poster for the navy. 

That probably wasn't the reward that would be given when they managed to kill the navy. 

However, it was more of the price a person or group had to pay the Cross Guild when they wanted to finish off the navy on the list.

Thus, Crocodile will be able to realize his dream. 

First, he can finish off the navy and realize his revenge. 

Second, he could also benefit from this. 

Moreover, with him and Mihawk's status being no longer Shichibukai, it meant that they could do anything against the navy. In this way, the Cross Guild became an organization feared by the navy.

Cross Guild Is a Hitman Group?

One Piece: Cross Guild Goals Finally Leaked!

Currently, in the oceans themselves there are many navies that might cause "trouble" or trouble for certain pirates. 

The pirates may not have the strength to match or defeat the navy. 

The navy certainly has the equipment and other things that can defeat the pirates.

Not to mention, they had to deal with a powerful navy like a vice admiral. 

With all these difficulties, the pirates then collect their treasures and then hire the services of the Cross Guild to destroy the navy. 

They will mention their price for carrying out the mission to finish off the navy that is the target.

After the mission is completed, the Cross Guild will receive a fee from the person or group who hired their services. 

So, based on this explanation, we can conclude that there is a possibility that the Cross Guild is actually a mercenary group that was deliberately formed by Crocodile. 

They will receive a fee from the pirates who are willing to pay dearly for them, to solve the big "problem" which is none other than the navy.

Thus, this was the reason why the navy was now the target of the Cross Guild. 

On the other hand, this speculation also makes sense to explain why then Dracule Mihawk and Crocodile could work together. 

Mihawk himself had said that he was happy when the navy chased him. 

So, it seems quite reasonable if then they are paid to kill the navy.

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