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One Punch Man: Saitama's Secret Power Revealed!

One Punch Man: Saitama's Secret Power Revealed!

Fans of the One-Punch Man manga series can't wait to see the next chapter. 

This is because the next chapter will present a new saga and also a new story arc. 

The fans themselves have to be patient considering that Yusuke Murata decided to take a month off. 

That is, the latest chapter of the manga series is likely to return in the next two weeks.

While waiting for the release of the latest chapter, fans also saw various old chapters, especially in the webcomic version which was created by ONE. 

The webcomic itself is the source of the storyline in the manga, with various changes that Murata brings. 

There are many things that are no less interesting that will appear in the next arc.

Storyline Next Arc

One Punch Man: Saitama's Secret Power Revealed!

Assuming that the manga series will also adapt the webcomic storyline, it means that it is very likely that in the next chapter we will not see a villain who will be a threat. 

The latest story after the Monster Association itself is Neo Heroes Saga, where the first arc of this saga is the Psychic Sisters arc. 

Based on that, chapter 171 will focus on Fubuki and Tatsumaki.

In addition, we will also see how the future fate of Saitama along with several other A-class heroes and King will be. 

After the big battle in the Monster Association arc, Saitama's efforts were finally recognized by the association. 

They also promoted Saitama from class B hero to class A, ranking 39.

We also know that Saitama's apartment was destroyed in the incident. 

This forced him to move into an apartment complex building built by Metal Knight. 

What was surprising was that two monsters had survived and were still alive after the battle. 

They are Black Sperm and Overgrown Rover.

The two monsters forced and convinced Saitama to accept them to live in his apartment.

And in return, they are ready to become servants for Saitama. 

Without Saitama knowing, it actually made the defense system that Metal Knight installed detect danger. 

They finally fielded an army of robots to destroy the threat from the monster.

However, Saitama then easily destroys Metal Knight's robots. 

He thought the robots were after his life. 

Amai Mask then appears on the scene, where an interesting and ridiculous scene emerges. 

Even so, it turns out that there is something else that Saitama is not aware of.

The Secret of Saitama's Strength Finally Revealed?

One Punch Man: Saitama's Secret Power Revealed!

In this next arc, there is a potential that the secret of Saitama's power will be revealed. 

Why is that? How to? 

After Saitama destroyed the robots that were originally deployed to destroy the two monsters that lived with Saitama, Metal Knight then saw the recordings of the robots. 

The goal is to find out who the perpetrators have destroyed the defense system.

However, what happened was that Metal Knight found a big surprise where he realized the potential for tremendous power within Saitama. 

After seeing the footage, Metal Knight came to the conclusion that Saitama was behind all the destruction. 

In addition, he also realized that the formidable power of the main protagonist was actually equal, or even greater, than the various other S-class heroes.

This certainly raises the potential where Metal Knight will watch and find out who Saitama really is. 

In addition, he will also of course dig deeper into the figure of Saitama. 

If then this really happens, then it means that there is potential if the secret of Saitama's power is revealed. 

This actually happened in the webcomic version.

After the fight against Orochi, Zombie Man had time to report what he saw to Dr. genus. 

And he also raises the hypothesis that Saitama has destroyed or exceeded the limiter that exists within him. 

Metal Knight aka Dr. Bofoi may also come up with the same hypothesis as Dr. Genus after doing research on Saitama.

However, there is one important note that we need to remember. 

There will always be differences between the webcomic and manga versions, regardless of the common thread or the focus of the story is the same. 

Yusuke Murata always presents differences or things that only exist in the manga version. 

For example, the most recent is Garou's Cosmic Fear transformation. 

So, even though Metal Knight has the potential to reveal Saitama's secrets, there could be big changes that Murata will bring to the story.

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