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One Piece: Shanks' Daughter (Uta) Has a Very Strong Devil Fruit!

One Piece: Shanks' Daughter Has a Very Strong Devil Fruit!

The whole world is currently being shocked by the extraordinary phenomenon of One Piece Film: Red which is the latest film in the One Piece franchise. 

First announced last year, the film Red itself officially premiered in Japan last August. 

As the name implies, the film presents the main focus on the figure of Shanks. 

However, apart from Shanks, there are also other characters that are the focus of the story.

The figure in question is none other than the figure of a mysterious girl named Uta. 

Oda Sensei himself said before that she is an important character that Oda deliberately created. 

And in the trailer itself it is revealed that Uta has a deep connection not only with Shanks, but also with Luffy. 

Uta is a childhood friend of Luffy.

Based on the information available so far, Uta is an idol or singer who is very famous and successful in the world of One Piece. 

And she has her own plans for a new era in the One Piece world. 

Uta's voice is very popular with people and voice is also her main strength. 

Uta turns out to have the power of a devil fruit named Uta Uta no Mi.

What is Uta Uta No Mi?

One Piece: Shanks' Daughter Has a Very Strong Devil Fruit!

One Piece Magazine volume 15 reveals the form and ability of the devil fruit that Uta ate, the Uta Uta no Mi. 

We can see evidence of the awesome power of Uta's singing and this devil fruit in the official trailer. 

In the show, it appears that Uta is able to emit music waves and with the sound she emits, Uta is able to control people.

In addition, the power of sound from Uta and also the devil fruit Uta Uta no Mi is able to make people fall asleep when they hear the sound of her singing. 

When these people fall asleep due to the influence of Uta's voice, they will enter a dream world called Uta World. 

Uta World itself is a utopia or imaginary land that Uta built or created where in that world there is no hatred, pain, or suffering.

The Uta Uta no Mi devil fruit itself is included in the mythical zoan category, which makes people who eat it will have the ability of mythological creatures. 

The devil fruit itself is very unique, because it has a pink color. 

Then, the leaf itself has a shape that is very similar to a musical note which is very much indicative of Uta's strength.

But at first glance, if we look at the shape of the devil fruit, it is very similar to the brain. 

What is also interesting is that there is a kind of ring in the middle of her four devil fruits where the ring is similar to a stave. 

Each has a different color; yellow, orange, red, and blue.

Adapted from Mythological Creatures

One Piece: Shanks' Daughter Has a Very Strong Devil Fruit!

Many speculations are circulating among fans related to the power of Uta Uta no Mi and also the mythological creature. 

According to speculation, this devil fruit may be inspired by a mythological creature named Siren. 

In ancient Greek mythology, Sirens are creatures in the form of half human and half bird. 

They will usually make a sweet voice to the sailors.

However, it is actually very dangerous. 

Why? The sailors will be hypnotized and they will have an accident. 

Not a few of the sailors were killed and they even deliberately drowned themselves to hear the sound. 

And how Uta has a resemblance to Siren we can see where she has wings on her back, and how she has a utopia called Uta World. 

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