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One Piece 1059: Boa Hancock Didn't Join Cross Guild Because Coby Was Arrested?

One Piece 1059 Reddit spoilers.

In the previous episode, or One Piece 1058, some surprising things were revealed.

Among them revealed the bounty value of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Cross Guild.

\It was also informed that the Cross Guild was actually an organization formed by Sir Crocodile and Mihawk.

However, the behavior of Buggy's men caused the Marines and the World Government to now regard Buggy as the leader of the Cross Guild, and even become a Yonkou.

At first Crocodile and Mihawk were angry with Buggy. However, now they both take advantage of Buggy's situation so that Crocodile and Mihawk can move freely to achieve their goals.

In the cover, it is revealed that Caesar Clown saved Germa 66 from Katakuri's attack.

At the end of the chapter, it appears that Sabo communicates with the Revolutionary Army using Den Den Mushi.

In the latest One Piece 1059 hints, it is revealed that Boa Hancock will not join Sir Crocodile and Mihawk's Cross Guild yet.

Because it was said that Boa Hancock was arrested by Coby.

The explanation of Boa Hancock's capture by Coby will also be in the paper the Straw Hat Pirates read.

However, the information appears to have been deliberately created by the Marines.

Because apparently Coby didn't catch Boa Hancock. But Blackbeard will hand over Boa Hancock and Gecko Moria to the World Government.

"The newspapers said Boa Hancock was caught by Coby,

but that's not true.

Actually, Blackbeard did all the work by handing Boa Hancock with Gecko Moria over to them.

That's a little spoiler One Piece 1059.

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