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One Piece: The Reason for the Formation of the Cross Guild Organization. One For Revenge?

In One Piece chapter 1056 yesterday the fans were surprised by a new organization called Cross Guild. 

In the chapter it was revealed that several former Shichibukai such as Dracule Mihawk, Crocodile, and Buggy became part of the new organization. 

What's interesting about this organization is how the World Government considers that Buggy, the new Yonko, is the leader of the organization.

In fact, as revealed in chapter 1058 yesterday, the Cross Guild organization was originally formed thanks to the idea of ​​Crocodile. 

He then invited Mihawk to join. This is what he later explained to Buggy, that in the beginning this organization was just for the two of them. 

However, Buggy suddenly appears and becomes part of the organization and is even considered to be its leader.

For now, we still don't know much about the organization. 

Apart from the exact number of members and also who joined, there is still no information regarding the mission of the formation of the new organization. 

To be sure, considering the organization contains powerful pirates and former Shichibukai, it means that their mission will be against the navy and the World Government.

Revenge Event?

So far, the information we know about this organization is that they are after the lives of the navy. They give figures or prices to various figures of the navy. 

This is certainly something very extraordinary that happened in the world of One Piece. 

Because this has never happened before. Usually, it is the pirates who get the bounty.

Talking about pirates and bounty, this could also be the motivation for the formation of the Cross Guild organization. 

It is possible that Crocodile wants to take revenge for what they have done to the pirates, especially to his figure. 

He has a grudge against the navy with how his position as a Shichibukai must be released after the events of Alabasta.

With all the things they did to him and the pirates, and how Crocodile was no longer a Shichibukai, maybe he was thinking of starting to take revenge on them all. How to? 

By gathering various powerful forces that exist in the ocean. One of them is Dracule Mihawk.

And what's interesting is that there is a special reason why Crocodile then invited Mihawk specifically to join the Cross Guild. 

It was revealed in chapter 1058 yesterday that it turned out that Mihawk used to have the nickname "Navy Hunter." 

There is still no information on what Mihawk's nickname means. To be sure it seems Mihawk has often hunted the navy in the past.

By gathering many strong people, Crocodile finally dared to start his mission of taking revenge on the pirates. 

The big question then is who else will join the organization. 

Speculation in the previous article suggested that Boa Hancock might join next, given that she and Amazonian Lilly are in danger. However, there may be other strong figures joining in.

Want to Create World Chaos?

In addition to being an arena for revenge, there may be other speculation as to why Crocodile then formed the Cross Guild organization. 

His own speculation was that he might want to create chaos in the world. Crocodile is intelligent and manipulative. 

He is able to manipulate the people he wants to carry out all his missions.

Then, why then did he want to create chaos in the world? The first possibility, Crocodile wants to control many areas of the world. 

With the navy, this of course will not be realized. 

He couldn't destroy them alone, and that's why Crocodile formed the Cross Guild to gather strength and troops to destroy the navy.

Another possibility is that he wants to continue his old mission, which is to find Pluton. 

By creating chaos in the world, maybe it could be a way for Crocodile to find Pluton. 

Or maybe he already knows where Pluton is and is planning a long-term plan to start stealing the Ancient Weapon from where it is.

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