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One Piece: Zoro's New Bounty Correction!


One Piece: Zoro's New Bounty Correction!

Chapter 1058 of the One Piece manga series presented various game values ​​or bounties from various characters. 

An example is that we look at the latest bounty of the Straw Hat crew. 

In addition, we also see the latest bounty of three former Shichibukai namely Buggy, Dracule Mihawk, and Crocodile. 

The bounty of the characters, especially the Straw Hat crew, increased after the events at Onigashima.

Considering the battle events in Onigashima are the biggest battles in the series so far, it's only natural that their bounty increases drastically. 

One of the increased bounty that has attracted the attention of many fans is the increasing bounty of Roronoa Zoro. 

Previously, Zoro's bounty was at 300 million Belly. 

However, after his fight against King his bounty shot far to 1 billion Belly.

There is a correction

One Piece: Zoro's New Bounty Correction!

In chapter 1058 yesterday, it was revealed that Zoro's bounty was at 1,100,001,000 Belly. 

However, later the editor of One Piece presented a correction regarding Zoro's game value. 

This appears in the upload on their official Twitter account. 

In the upload, there is information that they provide corrections regarding the game value of Zoro. 

Apparently, Zoro's latest bounty should be 1,111,000,000 Belly.

The staff from Eiichiro Oda also apologized for the mistakes and confusion that appeared in the chapter. This means that the distance between Zoro's bounty and Jinbe is quite far. 

His fight against Kaido and Big Mom and being able to withstand his attacks, as well as how Zoro was able to defeat King were most likely the factors that made his bounty increase so drastically. 

However, on the other hand this also raises another big question.

How Jinbe's bounty can be so much greater than Sanji's has caused debate among fans. 

When you look at the moment of the fight, it should be Sanji who actually gets a slightly larger number of prey. 

Because, Sanji has to fight against Queen who incidentally is the number three person in the Beast group. 

Meanwhile, Jinbe only fought against the Who's Who who were part of the Flying Six. 

His experience before joining the Straw Hat crew is considered to have an influence on the game's value.

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