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One Piece: Four Blues Created By Im?

Is it true that the Four Blues were created by Im? The world of One Piece is one of the most unique, strange, and also fun places. 

Various interesting elements appear in this pirate world, such as Haki or devil fruit. 

However, what is interesting, of course, is how the world in One Piece was formed. In the story, there are various things that are quite serious that arise.

Previously, we all knew about the lost century. The lost century was a time where everyone knew nothing of what was happening back then – except for those in the World Government and the heavenly dragons. 

And what is also interesting is how in the world of One Piece we know the Four Blues – East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, and South Blue. 

 How then did the four Blues form?

Four Blues Caused by Im?

There is an interesting theory that had appeared among fans. In theory, it is explained that in ancient times all regions in the One Piece world were united. 

However, after the great battle of 800 years ago that was the cause of the lost century, the world was then divided into four; East Blue, West Blue, North Blue and South Blue.

Why then can it happen? How did it happen? Who did it? 

The theory explains that the figure of Im is the culprit. 

Why then did he do that, he probably didn't want his big secret to be exposed. Because of that, he tried to create distance between living things, which we can see until now.

Then, how this happened in the speculation it was explained that it was possible Im did it with the help of one of the Ancient Weapons, 

Pluton. As we know, Pluton is a warship capable of destroying an island with just one attack or shot. So, the speculation itself is quite reasonable. 

However, what if something else did it?

In this case, Im is indeed the culprit. However, what if Im doesn't use the Pluton Ancient Weapon but uses its power? This is based on the leaked chapter 1060 circulating in cyberspace. 

In one of the leaked points it is explained that Im managed to destroy an area, named Lulucia Island, after exerting his strength.

According to his explanation, when Im exerts his power, dark clouds appear that gather accompanied by lightning that strikes. Then, a mysterious object or object appears that hits the island and is destroyed. 

This is the basis for speculation, if then Im the one who might create the Four Blues in One Piece. 

However, not by using Pluton, but its power.

How Im Destroy The World

Using his power, Im is likely to "split" the originally one region into four. And then, he established an area or land that we later know as the Red Line as the boundary of the four Blues. 

He has marked some specific places so that the destruction of the area can then be in accordance with what he wants.

With this power, there could be many islands or territories that Im destroyed in the world of One Piece. Whether the number is tens, hundreds, or even thousands. 

Perhaps, the area of ​​God Valley, where the battle between Rocks and Garp and Roger, was destroyed and disappeared from the world map due to Im's actions. 

And it is also possible that the defeat or destruction of the Ancient Kingdom in ancient times was the intervention of Im. For now, we still have to wait for detailed information regarding Im's power.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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