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Boruto Will Change the Future?

Boruto Will Change the Future?

In the story of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, will Boruto change the future? 

Uzumaki Boruto is currently the main protagonist in the series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

He is the first child of the couple Uzumaki Naruto and Hinata Hyuga, who married at the end of the Naruto Shippuden series. 

Boruto also has a younger sister, namely Uzumaki Himawari. 

Despite his young age, Boruto already has tremendous power.

On several occasions, Boruto is able to show his strength even though it is not perfect. 

Indeed, when compared to Naruto before, the development of Boruto's strength is much faster. 

At the same age, Naruto doesn't have any powers other than Kagebunshin. 

Meanwhile, Boruto, has been able to perform Rasengan techniques and other high-level techniques.

Unfortunately, Boruto's fate in the future is not good.

As stated by Momoshiki Otsutsuki, Boruto's future destiny is not good. 

According to him, Boruto will lose the people he loves because of the blue eyes he has. 

In addition, he will also suffer which will lead to his destruction. 

This was later revealed by Momoshiki to Boruto in chapter 72 yesterday.

He reminds Boruto that the protagonist will never be able to safely return home, as he promised his mother. 

Even so, Boruto's attitude remains the same. 

He didn't care about that and thought that all Momoshiki's words were just bullshit. 

Even though Boruto's future is not good, what if Boruto can change the future?

Boruto's Change of Destiny

Boruto Will Change the Future?
Boruto never cared what Momoshiki said regarding his future destiny. 

However, given his young age and basic human psychological condition, this will certainly make Boruto very depressed. 

And when that happens, Boruto will probably do what he's never done before, which is to talk about the problem.

In the anime version, Boruto and Naruto had an in-depth conversation between son and father after the fight against Isshiki. 

Naruto also promised Boruto that no matter what happened, he would still protect him. 

With Boruto and Naruto's relationship having melted a little, it's possible that Boruto told Naruto about Momoshiki's predictions could happen.

Naruto would definitely be surprised to hear that, but he would give advice to ignore it. 

And it is at this moment that the father will return to his skill, namely Talk no Jutsu or his ability to speak or give instructions. 

As we know, in the story anyone who talks to Naruto from heart to heart will definitely be moved after they talk to each other.

There is plenty of evidence how the villains in the series finally woke up after talking to Naruto. 

And this is also likely to happen to Boruto. 

Naruto will most likely give advice to believe in himself, and more believe that fate is up to him alone. 

After hearing his father's advice, Boruto will be much more confident.

With that confidence, Boruto might be able to change his destiny. 

Momoshiki himself said that one day Boruto will feel a deep loss, and that will make him give up on living. 

However, the possibility of that fate changed after hearing Naruto's advice. 

Boruto will probably be much tougher and more accepting of what will happen next.

Future Change

Boruto Will Change the Future?

You must have seen what happened at the beginning of the series, where Kawaki and Boruto fought each other over Konoha's fortunes. 

This happens in the future, where both of them seem to be much more mature. 

What then became the cause, who was evil and who was right, are all still a mystery.

However, even though fans are curious about what happened at that time, it is not impossible that the future will change. 

Why? As explained in the previous point, Boruto might be able to change his own destiny after Naruto gave him advice. 

That is, what we saw at the beginning may never appear and change with another future.

What will be the future we still have to wait. 

It's possible that with Boruto's changing destiny, Konoha's village will not be destroyed. 

Kawaki and Boruto will never fight each other either. 

This change in destiny has happened in the previous series. 

And considering Kishimoto uses the same pattern in the Boruto series, it means that there is a possibility that future changes will occur. 

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