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One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Lulusia Is Destroyed, Sabo Dies?

One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Lulusia Is Destroyed, Sabo Dies?

Lulusia destroyed, Sabo dead? 

The fate of Sabo is now back to being a mystery and a big question mark. 

This is based on the information that emerged regarding the leak in chapter 1060. 

In this information, it was revealed that Sabo's fate was on the brink. 

This happened after other information stated that the figure of Im destroyed the island or the area that became Sabo's hideout.

As we know, the figure of Sabo was reported or received news that he had died. 

A week after the Levely, the participating kingdom leaders returned to their respective territories. 

Morgans and his team then compiled the stories that happened during the Levely. 

Everyone related to Sabo then showed a reaction of disbelief.

Some assume that Sabo's fate is not good. 

And there are also those who assume that Sabo is probably dead. 

However, in the previous chapter it was later revealed that he was still alive. 

In fact, Sabo also managed to save the kuma from Mary Geoise's territory. 

However, when all the Revolutionary Army commanders managed to return to Kamabakka, Sabo had still not returned.

In the previous chapter, then we saw how Sabo contacted the Revolutionary Army headquarters. 

However, we don't know what happened to Sabo until then leaked information for chapter 1060 appeared. 

And in that information we learn that Sabo is in an area called Lulusia for a reason we still don't know.

Sabo (Return) Killed?

One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Lulusia Is Destroyed, Sabo Dies?

In addition to information about Sabo's whereabouts, the leak also presents other important information. 

Sabo then informs Dragon that there is a mysterious figure in the area. 

And the most important thing is the information says that Im's figure then destroyed the region. 

It appears that black clouds gathered in Lulusia's kingdom accompanied by lightning that struck.

And the climax is how Im then drops a mysterious object into the area, which makes Lulusia's kingdom finally have to be destroyed. 

So, what does that have to do with Sabo's death? 

One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Lulusia Is Destroyed, Sabo Dies?

There is an interesting speculation that says if the possibility of Sabo died at that moment. 

Why? This is considering the devastating power of Im's attack.

How Im's attack was able to destroy Lulusia's kingdom we can assume that its power is very powerful. 

One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Lulusia Is Destroyed, Sabo Dies?

The speculation explains that if the area and its inhabitants were killed and destroyed by Im's attack, it means that there is also a possibility that Sabo became one of the victims. 

This speculation is certainly very reasonable, because the moment is similar to what happened with Sabo's past.

When he first set sail, not far from the sea of ​​the kingdom of Goa a large ship belonging to the sky dragon appeared. 

The ship immediately destroyed Sabo's small ship. 

As a result of the attack, Sabo was seriously injured and even his life was dying. 

If it wasn't for Dragon saving him, Sabo's life would have been lost.

The question is whether there will be someone who saves Sabo from this situation? 

All the Revolutionary Army commanders were already in Kamabakka. 

It took time for Dragon or the others to go to Lulusia. 

Meaning, Sabo was completely alone in this situation and his chances of living on his own were pretty slim since he was crushed along with the territory. 

Let's just wait, geeks, the next news about Sabo in the next chapter.

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