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One Piece Chapter 1061: No Mi's Demon Fruit Awakening, Sabo Rampage

One Piece Chapter 1061 will be released again next week with some surprises that will be shown by Eiichiro Oda.

The surprising thing will be shown again in One Piece Chater 1061 which will be released. What kind of things will Eiichiro Oda reveal? Here's One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoiler.

Eiichiro Oda will again show a flashback of Sabo who is currently with Vivi on Lulucia Island.

The thing that will be shown is about Sabo's Mera-mera No Mi Devil Fruit Awakening which was just about to be revealed by Oda Sensei.

The awakening of the Mera-mera No Mi fruit that will be shown when Sabo faces two admirals while in Mariejoa.

Sabo confronts Admiral Ryokugyu and Admiral Fujitora who try to chase after Sabo while rescuing Vivi who is about to be killed like King Cobra.

When facing the two admirals, Sabo was forced and suffered injuries severe enough that he felt he could no longer continue the fight.

At such a time, Sabo felt a tremendous power within him wanting to come out and the awakening of the Mera-mera No Mi fruit occurred.

The mainstay of the Mera-mera No Mi devil fruit is to create a large fire that is equivalent to the sun.

This power can destroy any object around it with a certain distance. It will even turn objects around it to ashes.

That's the spoiler of One Piece Chapter 1061 that will be released.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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