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[Spoiler] Did Sabo Died in One Piece 1061?

Did Sabo died in One Piece 1061?

Here we know that the news that spread Sabo killed Cobra Vivi's father and fled to the middle of nowhere while Vivi's whereabouts are unknown.

Sabo was detected in Lulusia Kingdom because the world government intercepted the Den Den Mushi Sabo channel into the Revolutionary Amry.

On the call Sabo said that throne in Pange Castle which should be empy it turns out there was actually a World King.

So because of that the Five elders ordered Im Sama to attack Lulusia Kingdom.

Im Sama attacks Lulusia Kingdom by sending a large object over the kingdom and destroys it using light and laser and the result was a large explosion and destroy Lulusia Kingdom.

Because of that the Five Elders erased Lulusia's existence and said that Lulusia Kingdom never existed.

Did Sabo died in One Piece 1060?

Did Sabo Died From The Attack?

As we see in the image above after telling the truth to Dragon and others.

Sabo looked up and saw that light.

Which means that Sabo will definitely be hit by the attack.

And it would be impossible for Sabo to dodge the attack because the attack was as large as Lulusia. 

Kingdom and to be able to wipe out the kingdom.

After the attack Sabo's call was cut off and no one knew about Sabo's current state.

Did Sabo died in One Piece 1060?

Can Sabo Survive the Attack and Stay Alive?

Maybe we can guess that Sabo died from Im Sama's attack.

Because there's no way Sabo can dodge such a big attack.

But we have to know whether Im Sama's attack comes from the power of the devil fruit or from the ancient weapon.

We can see that Sabo's Logia type can't be that easy to attack and hurt Sabo.

Attacks that aren't covered with Haki or attacks that don't counter Sabo's devil fruit will have no effect on him.

Or Ancient Weapon attacks also have no effect on Logia users.

We can assume that there is still land left after the attack then we can still guess that Sabo is still alive.

But here Sabo can't go or contact the Revolutionary Army to help him.

So there is a possibility that Sabo is still alive and surviving.
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